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ForgeStop Develops the First Anti-Counterfeiting System for the Sports Nutrition Industry


A growing concern within the Sports Nutrition industry for many years now, has been the counterfeiting of products around the world. ForgeStop has come to the rescue with the first anti-counterfeiting and product tracking system to be developed specifically for the Sport Nutrition Industry.

Brands are now able to protect their reputation, as well as their customers, from fraudulent copies of their product. With ForgeStop’s easy to use product authentication system, brands are given the ability to register their products and embed their labels with encrypted QR codes.

“Counterfeiting is rampant and costing brands millions of dollars in revenue and reputation. This system was designed specifically for this industry using our 29 years of experience seeing counterfeiting issues globally. I have seen every trick and tactic in the book and believe this is the first system that will eventually eliminate counterfeit goods.” -Rich White, CEO Sportika Exports

The ForgeStop patent-pending multi-factor authentication system allows consumers to interact with the brands product using these QR codes and NFC technology. Consumers then have the confidence of knowing this product is 100% legitimate. This authentication takes seconds to perform, and it can be done from anywhere around the world without the need for additional mobile apps.

Once consumers have verified the authenticity of your brand’s product, you can then connect with the consumer, providing engagement, incentives and branded content. Brands can once again take back control of their supply chain and prevent having their consumers fall victim to knock off brands. This in turn provides confidence to distributors, retailers and business partners.

For more information, or if this may be a program suitable for your brand, be sure to visit the ForgeStop website for more details.

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