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Mutant Supplements Now Available at SportChek Canada

Mutant is one of the true legacy brands in Canada, with popular products like Mutant Test, Mutant Mass (Dual-Chamber Bags), Iso Surge, Creakong, Madness, BCAA 9.7, BCAA Thermo and the Vitamin C product they dropped last summer. It appears that Mutant’s popularity is also catching on with mainstream markets as the massive Canadian retailer SportChek has now taken them on! Products that you will find at your local SportChek include Mutant Mass, Mutant Whey, and the Protein Brownie which launched in January of 2020. This distribution deal will help make Mutant supplements easier to find and they join other product lines on SportChek shelves such as PVL (sister company to Mutant), Six Star/MuscleTech, Cellucor/Xtend, Rivalus, Biosteel, Iron Vegan, and Vega. We're excited to see this new distribution channel for Mutant and it just goes to show that more mass market retailers are realizing the benefits of carrying popular sports supplements. 

To stay up to date with all the latest information, be sure to visit the Mutant website and check out their social media channels.

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