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Mutant Test Gets New Formula

As brands evolve, we are seeing more and more popular supplements being reformulated. This holds true with the updated formula for Mutant Test. One change that jumps out right away, is removing the mutant-sized box it came in and repalced it with a new sexy cylinder-style bottle. While both formulas provide 30 servings per container, the old formula calls for 6 pills per serving with 180 pills per bottle, and the new formula calls for either a 3-pill or 6-pill serving size with 90 pills per bottle. If you follow the 2 servings per day, this new formula gets you close to the original formula, but it will only provide you with a 15-day supply.

Old MUTANT Test Formula vs. New MUTANT Test Formula

  • If we compare the 2 serving size (6 pills) of the new formula, we see that Vitamin D has reduced from 25 mcg to 20 mcg.
  • Zinc dose has dropped from 30 mg to 25 mg.
  • Selenium has been reduced from 110 mcg to 100 mcg.
  • Mutant Test Herbal Stack looks to have been unchanged at 3.8 grams.
  • Mutant Vigor Stack has kept the same overall total of 3,510 mg but the breakdown has changed somewhat. We are seeing the removal of 1,500 mg Tribulus extract and 200 mg Tongkat Ali, to be replaced with 200 mg Avena Sativa and 1,500 mg of D-Aspartic acid. We also saw the addition of D-Aspartic acid in the new PharmaFreak Anabolic Freak Pre-Workout so we could see this ingredient making a comeback.

You can find this new Mutant Test at your local retailer for an MSRP of $53.99. To have a new supplement previewed, email info@muscleinsider.com