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Mutant BCAA Thermo Preview

An image surfaced on Facebook today for Mutant’s new BCAA Thermo powder. This will comes in a 30 serving size as well as a box of sample packs and a trial size. We have no idea how many servings are in the trial size but when we find out, we’ll update this post. Each serving contains 6 grams of BCAA but with the word “thermo” in the name, it’s going to have fat-loss support ingredients in it. With summer almost here and everyone having gained some fat during this Covod-19 lockdown, fat-loss products are going to be hot this summer which we predicted when this lockdown first started. This morning, Magnum threw down the gauntlet in the fat loss war with news of their fat-loss powder Fasted Cardio which has created a ton of excitement already.Mutant’s regular BCAA 9.7 product contains BCAAs blended with 5 other amino acids (Taurine, Glycine, Glutamine, Tyrosine and Arginine) that's well priced. We don’t know if BCAA Thermo contains also these same 8 amino acids or if it’s strictly a BCAA supplement. For the heat generation part, they're using the branded form of Grains of Paradise known as CalorieBurn licensed to them by NNB Nutrition. To have a new supplement previewed or to submit supplement news, email info@muscleinsider.com