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Shawn Ray Signs with Equipment Giant JW Sport USA!

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Retired Hall of Fame Bodybuilder, Shawn Ray is known as one of the true icons of the bodybuilding industry. Not only is he known as one of the great bodybuilders to have graced the Mr. Olympia stage, where he could have taken the ultimate title on many occasions throughout the 90’s, Ray is also an MC at many of the biggest IFBB Pro League shows including the Arnold Sports Festival. In the years 2006 and 2007, Shawn Ray promoted the Colorado Pro/Am Classic Contest-Expo, held in Denver, Colorado and is now the show promoter for Shawn Ray’s Hawaiian Classic Pro/Am, held in Honolulu, Hawaii for the past 7 years.

In addition to a long list of bodybuilding awards, in January 2007 Ray was inducted into the IFBB Hall of Fame of professional bodybuilding. And 2020, Shawn Ray was awarded the very prestigious Ben Weider Lifetime Achievement Award. Now with a bodybuilding resume like Shawn’s, we wouldn’t be surprised to see someone with this level of success and achievements take a step back and slow down. But that’s not Shawn. While he may be a retired Hall of Fame Bodybuilder, Shawn represents the nutrition juggernaut MUTANT as their Global Ambassador making stops all around the world!

I’m having a hard time catching my breath just trying to keep up with everything Shawn Ray has on the go. The latest news from this machine of a man, Shawn has aligned himself with gym equipment company giant, JW Sport USA whose new featured Showroom is located in Southern California. Shawn’s new role with JW Sport USA will consist of introducing this line of equipment to the fitness industry both domestically and internationally, as their chief representative. Be sure to try their gym equipment in person at the long running Equipment Tradeshow IHRSA held in Los Angeles, Ca March 6-8 and at the FIBO held in Cologne, Germany on April 11-14th.

JW SPORT, your ideal product for your future and existing gyms! To learn more about the JW Sport USA Equipment Line please visit their website at jw-sport.com

Fans can meet Shawn Ray at the MUTANT booth at the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio and at the below events:

Shawn Ray 2024 World Tour 

  • Feb. 29-March 3: Columbus, Ohio - Arnold Classic - MUTANT
  • March 6, 7-8: Los Angeles, CA - IHRSA Tradeshow - JW Sport USA
  • March 15-17: Birmingham, England - Arnold UK - BWP/MUTANT
  • March 29- 30: Las Vegas, NV - Cutler Classic - GUEST
  • April 4-8: Zurich, Switzerland - Swiss Spring Grand Prix - M/C
  • April 10-15: Koln, Germany - FIBO - MUTANT/ JW Sport USA
  • April 19-21: Santa Clara, CA - EVO Sports - Expo Seminar
  • May 24-26: Detroit, Michigan - John Simmons Nat. Qualifier - M/C
  • July 11-13: Dubai, UAE - Dubai Pro - Guest
  • July 19-21: Sacramento, CA - EVO Sports - Expo Seminar
  • July 25-28: Las Vegas, NV - NPC Mr. USA
  • August 17-18: Anaheim, CA - The Fit Expo Anaheim Seminar
  • August 22-26: Zurich, Switzerland - Swiss Grand Prix - M/C
  • October 9-14: Las Vegas, NV - Mr. Olympia 60th - MUTANT
  • October 25-26: Dubai UAE - Dubai Muscle Show
  • November 2: Las Vegas, NV - Las Vegas Classic - M/C
  • November 12-18: Honolulu, Hawaii - Shawn Ray Hawaiian Classic Pro/Am - PROMOTER

Follow Shawn Ray on his Instagram at: @ShawnrayIfbbpro

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