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Shawn Ray Joins Muscle Insider as Global Director of Media Relations

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Toronto, Canada, April 4, 2024 - Muscle Insider is excited to announce the addition of legendary Hall of Fame bodybuilder Shawn Ray to our team as the Global Director of Media Relations. Shawn is known for telling it like it is, and showing what true dedication and skill look like. Shawn Ray is joining MI to elevate our content, aiming to surpass the already high standards we've set, bringing a new level of engagement to our audience.

A Career of Excellence

Shawn's journey through bodybuilding has been nothing short of spectacular, filled with top finishes and championships that most can only dream of. But it's his passion for the sport and commitment to excellence in every area, from competing to educating, that's really going to make a difference in how we connect with our audience.

  • Top 5 Olympia Finalist for twelve straight years
  • Arnold Classic Winner
  • Pro Ironman Champion
  • NPC National Champion
  • Jr Mr. World Winner
  • Teenage NPC National Champion

Beyond the Stage

Shawn Ray is so much more than his competitive achievements. As a respected writer, promoter, master of ceremonies, motivational speaker, bodybuilding historian, author, spokesperson, and influencer, Ray has made significant contributions to the bodybuilding community. His insights and expertise will be invaluable as Muscle Insider continues to provide innovative content focused on the science of building muscle, losing body fat, and gaining strength.

“I’ve been many things in this sport of bodybuilding and fitness and one of my passions has always been belonging to a team of people who love spreading the gospel of what we do on a global scale! Writing exclusive stories, breaking news, and reporting on contests results has always found a place in my heart being that I’m a huge Fan of many of our sports legendary athletes not to mention tomorrow’s future Stars! I’m looking forward to growing with MI and adding my experience to what I see is an already amazing news network!” - Shawn Ray

A New Chapter Begins

As the Global Director of Media Relations, Shawn Ray will play a critical role in enhancing Muscle Insider's media presence. His responsibilities will be creating compelling content, fostering relationships with sponsors, and conducting interviews with prominent athletes, promoters, and vendors in the industry. Ray's unique perspective and extensive network will undoubtedly propel Muscle Insider to new heights.

“Muscle Insider is proud to welcome Shawn Ray into this vital role.” Muscle Insider CEO, Andrew Bukowsky remarked. “We look forward to working along side Shawn taking our audience behind the curtain, to bring you the stories you can’t get from just any media source.”

Shawn Ray 2024 World Tour

Follow Muscle Insider and Shawn Ray on his 2024 World Tour, where he will be connecting with the global bodybuilding community, from Zurich to Dubai, and sharing exclusive insights and stories. This tour is not only a celebration of Ray's illustrious career but also an opportunity to deepen our engagement with bodybuilding enthusiasts worldwide.

  • April 4-8: Zurich, Switzerland - Swiss Spring Grand Prix - M/C
  • April 10-15: Koln, Germany - FIBO - MUTANT
  • April 19-21: Santa Clara, CA -EVO Sports - Expo Seminar
  • April 24-26: St Petersburg, FL - The Guru Movie Premiere
  • May 1-6th: Maui, Oahu, Kauai - Shawn Ray Hawaiian Classic - Promo Trip
  • May 10-12: Pittsburgh, PA - NPC/ IFBB Manion Classic
  • May 24-26: Detroit, Michigan - John Simmons National Qualifier - M/C
  • July 19-21: Sacramento, CA - EVO Sports - Expo Seminar
  • July 24-29: Dubai, UAE - Dubai Pro
  • August 14-16: Waipahu, HI - Bodybuilding Seminar - GY Fitness Gym
  • August 17-18: Anaheim, CA - The Fit Expo Anaheim - Seminar
  • August 22-26: Zurich, Switzerland - Swiss Grand Prix - M/C
  • September 7-8th: Binous Classic - Dubai
  • October 9-14: Las Vegas, NV - Mr. Olympia 60th - MUTANT
  • October 23-27: Dubai UAE - Dubai Muscle Show
  • November 2: Las Vegas, NV - Las Vegas Classic - M/C
  • November 12-18: Honolulu, Hawaii - Shawn Ray Hawaiian Classic Pro/Am - PROMOTER

For updates, follow us and Shawn Ray on our platforms as we embark on this exciting journey together. Welcome to the team, Shawn Ray — the future of Muscle Insider media relations starts now!






Follow Shawn Ray on his Instagram at: @ShawnrayIfbbpro


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