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George Farah The Guru Documentary World Premiere

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by Roger “Rock” Lockridge


Many bodybuilding fans around the world know George Farah as “The Guru” who has helped numerous bodybuilding champions such as Dexter Jackson and Kai Greene as well as Hollywood superstars like Dwayne Johnson.

While newer fans may only know him as a coach, fans of a previous generation know Farah as “Bulletproof” George Farah, the IFBB Pro who was as shredded as they come when he stepped onstage. He earned that nickname after recovering from being shot many years ago to return to the stage and ascend to his position as one of the top “gurus” of the game. As a sign of how tough he truly is, he even took on and beat cancer within the last couple of years.

Farah’s fans new and old felt his story needed to be told, and it was in the form of the documentary simply titled “The Guru.” The film chronicles Farah’s journey from shooting survivor to bodybuilding superstar, to renowned coach, and now cancer survivor. The story is told in Farah’s own words as well as from those close to him that have been a part of his journey first-hand.

The world premiere of the film took place at the 2024 Sunscreen Film Festival in St. Petersburg, Florida on April 25th, and many of bodybuilding’s biggest stars showed up in support and tribute to the man featured in the film, including Jackson, Flex Wheeler, IFBB Pro League president Jim Manion, and several others that would read like a who’s who of the sport.

Muscle Insider’s own Shawn Ray and Johnny Styles were on-hand at the red carpet to see the premiere and talk to some of the other dignitaries in attendance. You can check out Muscle Insider on Instagram as well as the Muscle Insider YouTube channel to see Shawn’s interviews with the likes of Dana Linn Bailey, Kai Greene, Mo Shaaban, and you can see his interview with the star of the film, Farah himself, in the video below.

Farah reflected on the experience of having the amount of support he had at the premiere as well as through his various trials, tribulations, and even his triumphs.

“It’s a humbling experience, you know what I mean? I always knew that this was the sport that I love so much, and I want to give something back.” Farah went on to say that he hopes the film provides hope to others that may be needing it like he did at different times in his life. “I’m trying to heal others and paying it forward.”

According to the film’s Instagram page, “The Guru” will be available on Amazon by the end of April 2024. You can follow @thegurudocumentary for more information and to see other photos and videos regarding the documentary.

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