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Dallas McCarver Autopsy Released

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In August 2017, we reported of the untimely and sad passing of IFBB Pro Dallas McCarver

Dallas was found on the floor in his living room with food scattered around his body shortly after midnight on August 22nd, 2017 by friend and fellow IFBB Josh Lenartowicz. Josh came back to the apartment he shared with Dallas, to find Dallas choking on something. As recently as the ay before, there were no signs that Dallas was doing poorly. He was training with friends the day before in the gym, and seemed to be fine. Paramedics were called and he arrived at the hospital in full cardiac arrest. He was pronounced dead at 1:03 A.M.



Anthony Robert obtained access to Dallas' autopsy report, and released it to the public. 

At the time of autopsy, Dallas had:

  • Enlarged liver and kidneys
  • Nephrosclerosis (a hardened kidney)
  • Heavy lungs (with no mucus)
  • Papillary thyroid carcinoma.

According to Anthony Roberts' summary, Dallas' prior medical history includes cholesterol issues (high LDL/ low HDL), a chronic cough and shortness of breath (he admitted himself into hospital after collapsing at the Arnold Australia, and couldn't even remember that he pass out), and childhood asthma. His testosterone levels were within normal range at the time of death. Trenbolone metabolites were also present. "Screening for additional steroids was negative, although he tested positive for caffeine and marijuana metabolites (neither of which are mentioned as contributing factors in his death). No other recreational drugs or narcotics were present.

Also noted (but neither tested for, nor listed as a contributing factor in Dallas’ death) was a prior history of hGH and insulin use."

Source: Anthony Roberts @ Medium.com