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Shawn Rhoden Signs with Tesla Sports Nutrition and Super 14


Shawn Rhoden has been with many supplement companies over his career, including VPX, SciTec Nutrition, QNT, and Ronnie Coleman Signature Series. Additionally, just before Rhoden signed with Olimp, he even had a small involvement in a supplement company with Chris Aceto, called OTech Labs in late 2018. Earlier this year on May 1st, Tesla Sports Nutrition announced that Shawn Rhoden had joined their team. What’s odd, is that on July 9th, it was also announced that Shawn Rhoden signed with “Superior 14 Supplements”, another European supplement company. It is very uncommon to see an athlete sponsored by two sports nutrition companies, especially when they have overlapping categories of products. When we dug into this a bit deeper, we learned that Superior 14 Supplements and Tesla Sports Nutrition, along with a third brand called Musclelabs Nutrition USA, are all owned by Superior 14 Supplement USA LLC., headquartered in Budapest. We had a strong feeling this past February when we reported on Olimp parting ways with Rhoden, that it would not be long before another supplement company would sign the 2018 Mr. Olympia. To have a new supplement previewed or to submit supplement news, email info@muscleinsider.com