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Olimp Signs Shawn Rhoden

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By: Scott Welch, BASc (Nutrition) 

One of largest supplement companies in Europe is called “Olimp” which is virtually unknown in North America, but that’s all about the change with the signing of Mr. Olympia Shawn Rhoden! Olimp is based in Poland but they have a massive customer base in every European country, and you see some of their products outside of Europe from time to time. In Poland, they have their own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and their formulas often feature the same branded ingredients that are popular in America but they also produce many unique products to the European consumer. This may include flavours that we wouldn’t normally have, capsule sizes that are bigger than you’ve ever seen here, and unique formulas for different competitive sports that are popular in Europe.  

Olimp Signs Shawn Rhoden

Like many European supplement companies, Olimp sponsors athletes in everything from boxing, motocross racing and everything in between. With the signing of Shawn Rhoden, Olimp has definitely made a bold statement in the supplement industry here in North America and around the world for that matter. And to announce this just days before the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus as part of Olimp’s official US launch makes this signing that much more exciting. 

Shawn Rhoden’s Previous Sponsors

The first sponsor that we’re aware of Shawn Rhoden having was a smaller European company called QNT, followed by VPX Sports (which are sponsoring our contest coverage of the Arnold Sports Festival), followed by Scitec, he then had a brief stint at Prosupps but he’s now signed with Olimp.

Are Olimp Supplements Available In USA?

Olimp has had a few products available in the United States for a few years now but they haven't put a real focus on it until now. As part of their official USA launch, Olimp has several athletes at their booth at the Arnold’s including the “bionic man” Edgard John-Augustin and Shawn “Flexatron” Rhoden nonetheless. 

Coming To America 

That title we stole from Eddie Murphy but it’s the only title I could come up with that best summarizes the situation happening in the North American supplement industry. If you’ve been following the industry, you’ll notice that more and more companies from outside of North America are coming into United States and Canada. These include such companies as Scitec from Hungary, Midway Labs from South America, USN from South Africa. Myprotein, Battle Bites, Warrior Bar and Grenade from the UK, 4D Nutrition and Yamamoto from Italy to name just a few! We knew it was just a matter of time before European juggernauts like Olimp would make a serious play in North America and we’re excited to see this. Now Americans will able to experience some of the unique products that Europeans love. Let’s hope Olimp eventually brings their legendary pre-workouts “Reidweiler” (which is Polish for Rottweiler) and the eerie “Massacre Part 3” both of which we’ve tested and found fun to train and/or party on! If you’re at the Arnold’s, be sure to stop by the Olimp booth.