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Shawn Rhoden No Longer with Olimp Nutrition?

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According to sources, European supplement giant Olimp Nutrition will be cutting ties with 2018 Mr.Olympia winner Shawn Rhoden. We also weren’t able to find images of Shawn on a Olimp website and he doesn’t list Olimp as his sponsor on his Instagram profile. Our fans may remember that Muscle Insider was the first media source to report that Olimp had signed Shawn Rhoden back in February 2019. But if the rumours are true, it’s less than one year later and they’re now parting ways. We don’t know what the exact reason for the deparure was, but Shawn’s popularity has been in continual decline since being caught up in the rape conspiracy in July 2019. His popularity was further impacted when he did not defended his title in September 2019 at the Olympia and didn’t compete in any other contests. In today’s digital world, if you’re not competing or making efforts to stay relevant with fans, they’ll soon forget what you once accomplished. Couple that with something as dramatic as a rape charge and you have a recipe for only being remembered as being a rapist whether true or not.  

What's Next For Shawn Rhoden?

We’re confident that another supplement company will sign Shawn, but it’s a shame that his personal brand equity has taken such a nose dive even though he’s still not been proven guilty! We’re of the opinion that he will be vindicated of the alleged rape charges but it’s going to take a great deal of time to get his day in court. Without the sponsorship money coming in from Olimp and without earning prize money from competing, it will be difficult for Shawn to continue to pay all the legal bills he's faced with while also living the bodybuilding lifestyle needed to stay at the top of his game. Let's face it, top pros spend a great deal of money to look the way they do. Things like PEDs, meal prep, personal training, massage therapy, supplements and travel all come at a price. Shawn needs to get his legal situation cleared up as quickly as possible while his 2018 Mr.Olympia win is still top of mind with fans.

Source: Evolution of Bodybuilding