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Mutant MCT Gets New Look


Over the past few months, we have seen some exciting new developments from the Mutant team, including updating the branding on many products, as well as new product releases such as Mutant Vitamin C, Mutant BCAA Thermo, and the Mutant Mass Dual Chamber Bag. We now see that Mutant MCT gets a new look. What was once part of what they called their “Core Series” has come out and now looks like their Mass, Whey, BCAA 9.7, and the rest of their lineup. Nothing has changed in the formula, which still contains 100% pure coconut sourced MCT oil, with zero palm oil or trans fats. Available in a 946 mL (32 fl oz) bottle, which provides 64 servings per container, for an MSRP of $39.99. Each serving provides 14 grams of fat, coming from 9.8 grams C8 (Caprylic Acid) and 4.2 grams C10 (Capric Acid). With the Arnold Sports Festival, FIBO, BodyPower, Toronto Pro, and Vancouver Pro canceled this year, we haven’t seen as much from Mutant or other brands as we would normally. But let’s hope 2021 is better for the entire industry. 

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