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Dubai Muscle Show Update

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From early on in 2020, bodybuilding contests have been canceled or postponed, due to the COVID pandemic and the restrictions health authorities have put in place. Thankfully, the Dubai Muscle Show, the Middle East’s leading fitness & bodybuilding event, is schedule to take place October 28-30, 2021. You can be assured that many stars will be there including Kevin Levrone - displaying his Signature Series line of supplements. 

Our good friends at Arranti are one of the companies who will be exhibiting at the show. They are the top packaging supplier in the sports nutrition industry. Many of the top supplement brands use Arranti’s packaging for protein bags, labels, and more. Arranti are also the inventors of the Chamber Pouch technology that fans saw in Mutant Mass and Mutant Whey which allows you to have 2 flavours in one bag! This packaging innovation can be used for protein powder, weight gainers or any supplement that comes in a pouch.

“Arranti is committed to maintain it's passion and support for the sports nutrition Industry. This was our beginning, and it is still a major passion. We are confirming our presence at the Dubai Muscle show Booth #F9. See you there.” – Jeff Herrington, CEO Arranti

At the 2019 Dubai Muscle Show, some of the celebrity names in attendance included Phil Heath, Kai Greene, Ronnie Coleman, Angelica Teixeira, 2019 Mr. Olympia Brandon Curry, Big Ramy, Hadi Choopan, and many more. We're so excited to see who will attend this year!

For more information on Arranti and the products they offer, be sure to visit the Arranti website and check them out on Instagram.

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