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Regan Grimes Wins 2020 Romania Muscle Fest Pro Show 

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Like many of us, Regan Grimes has had a rollercoaster ride this year! It started off in May when we announced that Regan parted ways with his sponsor Primeval Labs and signed with GAT Sport. He continued to build his physique throughout the summer with some brutal training sessions with long-time friend Zane Watson where the duo experimented with some Hi-Intensity training methods devised by John Cardillo at BodyPro Gym

Regan Grimes 2020 Contest Season 

His first show on 2020 took place in Alicante, Spain on October 11th where Regan placed 4th behind winner James Hollingshead and runner up Lukas Osladil and Mr. Symmetry Rafael Brandao. After this defeat, we expected Regan to return to Canada and compete a few days later at the Chicago Pro but if he had returned to Canada, he would have had to quarantine for 14 days due to the COVID-19 restrictions placed on those travelling out of country. Instead, Regan stayed in Europe for 3 ½ weeks but headed to the U.K. to competed in the British Grand Prix Pro Show on November 4th. In this event, Regan took second to the United Kingdom’s hometown hero James Hollingshed once again! But that loss didn’t stop Regan from staying in Europe for another 10 days but this time heading to Bucharest, Romania to compete in the Romania Muscle Fest Pro Show. This time, Regan won the contest! The photo on the left was taken just hours before Regan stepped on stage which shows how pelled he was. This is the first pro show win in the open category for Regan and qualifies him for the 2021 Olympia. Regan's already qualified for the 2020 Olympia, so let’s hope he stays in Europe and continues to train without interruption as he has roughly 31 days until the Olympia weekend starts. We're very happy for Regan and can't wait to see him in Las Vegas this December when Muscle Insider rocks the Olympia.

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