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GAT Signs Regan Grimes

On a recent episode of Jay Cutler TV, Canadian bodybuilding champ Regan Grimes announced that he has signed an endorsement contract with GAT Sport. Regan has been growing a loyal fan following since he turned pro at the 2016 Arnold Amateur contest in Brazil. He’s now one of the most popular bodybuilders in Canadian history and GAT looks to invigorate their brand by partnering up with Mr. Grimes. Reagan's first supplement contract was with Fusion when he was an amateur. He then left Fusion to endorse products for BPI as one of their premier athletes. Regan was then signed to a very lucrative deal with Primeval Labs in July 2018 where we thought he would stay, but he’s now with GAT Sport which is a great move for him. GAT is a time-tested brand with products in over 55 countries which will allow Regan to build his brand on a more global scale. In Canada, GAT products are distributed to supplement stores by True North Nutrition. To see the interview with Regan where he announces his new deal with GAT Spot, check out the video below.

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