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MuscleTech Plant Protein Preview

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There’s no stopping the creativity, innovation, and growth of the MuscleTech brand, which is evidenced by the continuous developments we see coming from their team. With a new athlete roster which includes marathon specialist Sara Hall and OVW National Heavyweight Champion Jessie “Mr. Pec-tacular” Godderz, as well as new product releases such as the new MuscleTech Shatter Ripped pre-workout, our team is very excited about the MuscleTech brand this year. Last week they announced the launch of their new high performance Plant Protein powder. This blends nature and science for the optimal performance, containing six sources of plant proteins: organic pea, faba bean protein isolate, faba bean protein concentrate, brown rice, mung bean, and pumpkin seed. Using six completely different plant protein sources gives this a diversified amino acid profile and makes it a complete protein source. But what really seperates MuscleTech Plant Protein from other plant proteins is the creamy, rich taste. It mixes as creamy as whey protein thanks to the unique combination of plant proteins they included and the proportions to one another!Each scoop of Plant Protein has 25 grams of protein, more than 9 grams of EAAs, and a 250-milligram dose of Optiziome P3 Hydrolyzer™. Having a plant protein formulated with Optiziome P3 Hydrolyzer is brilliant, as it’s an optimal blend of enzymes specifically formulated to increase protein performance. Compared to animal-based protein, other plant proteins have reduced digestibility and bioavailability, while MuscleTech 100% Plant Protein features a full dose of Optiziome P3 Hydrolyzer, for easy digestion. In a standard in vitro gastric digestion experiment, Optiziome P3 Hydrolyzer released 295 percent more leucine and 225 percent more BCAAs from plant protein.Another ingredient included in the formula is 500 milligrams of NordicCherry® tart cherry extract which is one of the most bioactive, full-spectrum, whole-fruit tart cherry extracts on the market. The main benefit of NordicCherry tart cherry extract is to help improve exercise recovery, allowing you to recover faster after a workout. MuscleTech Plant Protein is also non-GMO, dairy-free, and free of artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners.If the unique ingredients listed above aren’t interesting enough for you, what really sparks our interest is the fact that, in true MuscleTech fashion, this new MuscleTech Plant Protein is currently the subject of an ongoing University clinical trial! MuscleTech has funded more research than any other sports supplement company, so it’s no surprise its newest product is part of a clinical study now.

You will soon find the new MuscleTech Plant Protein on Amazon and other top e-commerce platforms, and it will be sold in a 1.85-pound container in Vanilla, as well as Chocolate Hazelnut Brownie flavors. This one’s definitely not your Aunt Shirley's plant protein! 


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