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MuscleTech Shatter Ripped Pre-Workout Preview


Shatter Ripped Pre-Workout is the newest pre from MuscleTech and is part of a family of 2 pre-workouts under their Performance Series. Each pre-workout is formulated to meet different goals you may have. Shatter Ripped is obviously for getting ripped! Shatter Pre-workout is an all-in-one pre-workout that has every base covered but really focuses on increasing exercise performance, increasing pumps and building muscle. See below for more details.

The Most Trusted Brand In Sports Nutrition

Like all MuscleTech products, what’s on the label is inside the product. This is just one of the reasons why we believe MuscleTech is the most trusted sports nutrition brand of all time. MuscleTech has also funded more research than any other supplement company in the industry and they work with the top raw ingredient suppliers and manufacturers in the world. So you know that what you’re consuming is made from quality ingredients at doses that actually work and are produced in world-class facilities. MuscleTech also has an in-house taste testing lab which we've seen ourselves and it's very impressive! This allows them to create the absolute best-tasting products and test them against the competition with proper sensory-testing methods.

Shatter Pre-WorkoutShatter Pre-Workout is the original fully dosed pre-workout in the Shatter brand and was formulated by MuscleTech researchers to deliver unmatched energy, endurance, pumps, focus, and recovery while also helping you build more muscle. This last part is where many “stim only” pre-workouts fail. Stimulants help you train hard but they don’t help you build muscle and many actually have a catabolic effect in your body. Shatter will help you gain more lean muscle when added to a proper diet and some hard training on your part of course. If you’re looking for one pre-workout that covers all bases, Shatter is it.

Shatter Ripped Pre-WorkoutMuscleTech sells more weight-loss supplements under their Hydroxycut brand division than any other supplement company in the world. So it’s no wonder that they would come out with a pre-workout designed for fat-loss support. Each serving of Shatter Ripped pre-workout (based on the recommended 2-scoop serving) contains 4 grams of free-form citrulline like all other versions of Shatter, but it also contains 340 mg of caffeine, to boost energy for intense workouts, but it also enhances focus, metabolism, and thermogenesis to deliver real weight loss results. The formula also contains 3.2 grams of beta-alanine and 1 gram of taurine. At 225 mg of NooGandha®, this “next generation” ashwagandha has a unique compound composition that is specialized cognitive enhancing nootropic focused, that still retains powerful anti-stress/cortisol benefits but is not sedative or relaxing like traditional ashwagandhas are. The formula also has 200 mg of CITRAPEAK® (glucosyl hesperidin), which is a unique substance with all of the biological functions of standard hesperidin—such as vasodilation and pump effects—with none of the solubility issues. We also see the addition of 50 mg of Zynamite, a really interesting ingredient from Italy that we saw MuscleTech use in their Hydroxycut Hardcore Super Elite. This is a relatively new branded ingredient on the scene made by Nektium which is a raw material manufacturer based in Spain on the island of Gran Canaria. Zynamite® is a sustainable botanical ingredient, sourced from a proprietary standardized extract of leaves from a selection of Mangifera indica, the mango tree, that is caffeine-free and is designed to boost mental and physical energy. We can’t forget the other great ingredients included in this formula, which include 400 mg green coffee extract, 40 mg grains of paradise, 30 mg Yohimbe extract, and 20 mcg Huperzine A. MuscleTech Shatter Ripped Pre-Workout comes in 2 flavors, Rainbow Candy, and Icy Rocket, exclusively at GNC. You can save $5 on your product purchase by entering code 57337.

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