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MuscleTech Signs Wrestling Champion Jessie Godderz

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We’ve seen a lot of exciting news coming out of the MuscleTech headquarters lately, with new product launches such as Shatter Ripped pre-workout, as well as big-name athlete signings like marathon specialist Sara Hall. Well, it looks as though the brand has built such a solid reputation, they continue to attract top-tier talent to their athlete roster. It was just announced that MuscleTech has signed their newest athlete, Jessie Godderz. Wrestling fans will know him as Mr. Pec-tacular; Big Brother fans will recognize him for his appearances on nearly every season of the CBS primetime mega-hit series, and bodybuilding fans will recognize Jessie as Mr. Natural Iowa and a WNBF Pro. In September of 2020, Jessie became the first-ever OVW Heavy Weight Champion, and since that time he’s become the face of the OVW. Jessie has also helped make the OVW the fastest-growing wrestling brand in the world, as well as a pop culture phenomenon. Since its rebrand, Jessie has been a huge supporter of MuscleTech and brings over two decades of training, nutrition, and supplementation experience. Congratulations Jessie, we look forward to seeing what this new partnership will bring.

When Jessie shared the news on his social media channel, he had this to say. “Honored and thrilled to announce that I have just become a MuscleTech Sponsored Athlete and Celebrity Spokesperson!!! SUPER STOKED to represent the best Sports Supplement Brand in the world today...The 1 and Only MuscleTech!! From here on out, you can now call me the Self-Proclaimed...Face of MuscleTech!!! You're welcome!”

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