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Muscle Talk

Jaime Filer

Jaime Filer graduated with a kinesiology degree from York University, where she was a varsity athlete. She’s also a former competitive bodybuilder who competed in drug-tested events throughout North America. If something new is trending in fitness, chances are Jaime’s already tried it!

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Nutrition Zone - Curcumin - Pancakes - Erectile Dysfunction

Curcumin aids in muscle growth

In past issues of MUSCLE INSIDER, we’ve taught you that curcumin has various beneficial properties, including anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiviral benefits. In addition, it can also support fat loss by regulating insulin and blood sugar levels, and prevent fat buildup. Japanese researchers gave mice curcumin (the human equivalent of this dose would be approximately 600 to 1,200 milligrams) and then had them do extensive endurance training. By the time the experiment ended, the rats had more mitochondrial cells. More mitochondrial cells means more nutrients that muscles can convert into energy. It also means a greater endurance capacity, and as that increases, so does the amount of calories you can burn. With everything else curcumin has going for it, it couldn’t hurt to try it.

Eating pancakes burns fat

Resistant starch is starch that is unabsorbed and undigested by the small intestine. Scientists gave women pancakes made with resistant starch (40 grams of waxy maize hydroxypropyl distarch phosphate) and 20.5 grams of whey protein. They noticed increases in fat oxidation, levels of peptide YY, and enhanced feelings of satiety and fullness. After the women ate these pancakes, their caloric expenditure actually started to rise immediately!

Fat-burning pancake recipe:
40 g HDP from waxy maize starch
20.5 g whey protein
4.5 g sucrose
10.7 g maltodextrin
0.9 g milk powder
50 g egg
4.8 g baking powder

FACT: Men with erectile dysfunction improved their erectile function score from moderate to mild after eating 100 grams of pistachio nuts every day for three weeks
Get better boners by focusing on the nuts!

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