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Scott Welch BASc. (Nutrition)

Known in the industry as "The Supplement Genius" Scott Welch has devoted his career studying performance enhancement and weight loss through dietary intervention. He received a bachelor of applied science degree in Nutrition from Ryerson University and later completed a post-graduate certificate in advertising. He’s had countless interactions with leading scientists, doctors, and hundreds of trainers from around the world, giving him a unique perspective that others lack. Welch founded MUSCLE INSIDER in 2009.

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MuscleMaxx Pre-Apocalypse Review

We started Muscle Insider back in 2009 with one goal: To educate bodybuilders on the science of building muscle, losing fat and gaining strength. SCIENCE is what separates us from the rest, and it’s what will help you maximize your genetics. Whether it be your approach to training, the diet you follow, or the sports supplements you take, science leads the “best way” to maximize your performance. We work with more than 25 top science writers to analyze the latest research and serve up what you need to know to make the best gains possible. Sports supplements are very effective at enhancing a diet and training program. Supps never take the place of eating right but they will jack up the results you get if you take the right products, the right way.

Supplement Insider

The one thing I love most about being the Publisher of Muscle Insider is I get to test out the newest sports supplements. Before they’re in stores, before they have a label, sometimes all I get is a Ziploc bag with a strange powder in it and a serial number! Without knowing what’s in it, I become a human guinea pig for many of my friends who run supplement companies. They also tell me the “inside scoop” on what’s next in the supplement industry which is usually 6 months before the rest of the world finds out.   

MuscleMaxx Pre-Apocalypse

MuscleMaxx is a supplement company distributed throughout North America in places like, Muscle & Strength, Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart, iHerb, A1Supplements, and several other places. I first learned of MuscleMaxx with the launch of their original protein bar which to this day is one of the most delicious bars on the market. It has actual peanut butter sandwiched between two graham crackers! Oh ya, and it’s covered in chocolate. Okay, okay you get the picture. Their other products include a gainer, and protein powder. They don’t do much in the way of marketing, but that allows them to reduce the price to consumers. If you can get a good product at a great price, you’re a happy, smart shopper and MuscleMaxx has nailed this formula.

MuscleMaxx Pre-Apocalypse

At this year’s Arnold Sports Festival, my friend Jason Bell who heads up the marketing at MuscleMaxx snuck me a prototype bottle of their new pre-workout called “Pre-Apocalypse”. The bottle had no label, no formula revealed, no frills at all, he just said it’s the best tasting pre-workout ever and it gives you a great workout. Who will take it? I will!

What is an Apocalypse?

An apocalypse is defined as “the end or destruction of the world” which was about how I was feeling by the end of the Arnold Sports Festival weekend from being on my feet for 15 hours! Right away, I loved the name as it just sounded hardcore, explosive and military like. Very cool.  The flavour was Red Punch Napalm which further solidified the feeling that this stuff was gonna kick my ass! He gave me the mixing instructions and I was set to start the experiment.

Pre-Apocalypse Experiment

Jason said most guys do well on 1 or 2 scoops so I took 3. Why? Because I wanted to experience the maximum power this bad boy had, regardless of price, regardless of recommended doses or just plain common sense! Bring the noise! Plus, my receptor sites have been fried from years of testing so many pre-workout concoctions, so I had to up the dose! I mixed Pre-Apocalypse with 21 oz. of cold bottled water which created the perfect taste. I chugged the whole thing at once like a college kid at a frat party because I wanted it to hit all at once in my bloodstream. Sipping your pre-workout while you train instead of consuming it before your workout is a mistake because you never get enough actives in your bloodstream to maximize performance. Down it and get set to destroy the world, or at least your one rep max!

Pre-Apocalypse Taste & Energy

Pre-Apocalypse truly tastes better than Kool-Aid except it hits with an amazing energy rush that tells you this stuff definitely ain't Kool-Aid! Within 15 minutes of gulping it down, you feel alert, hyped up and ready to go to war or at least slap your training partner if they can’t keep up! My energy peaked at the 30-minute mark and continued for my entire workout and I had enough gas left to do cardio after training legs. My brain was alert from the stims and I had no appetite during training making it useful also for dieting.  

MuscleMaxx Pre-Apocalypse Value

Each serving (1 scoop) contains 6.4 grams of powder, 1.1 grams of Beta Alanine, 1 gram of Creatine Monohydrate, 1 gram of Citrulline Malate (2:1 ratio), half a gram of Tyrosine, 133 mg of Caffeine, Taurine, Arginine AKG and load of B vitamins for ATP production! Muscle & Strength and A1Supplements are selling Pre-Apocalypse for $29.99 which is 60 cents per serving. If you took 3 scoops you'd be getting massive doses of each active and 1 container would last for about 16 workouts which is a great value.

MuscleMaxx Pre-Apocalypse Rating

Overall taste and mixability of this product is as good as it gets. Energy was solid and consistent for a good 90 minutes and I didn’t feel exhausted after the come down. This is a refreshing drink I can also see people sipping throughout the day to stay alert, energized and hunger free. Stimulants like caffeine have an anorectic effect in the body which is why you rarely feel hungry after drinking a cup of coffee or taking a fat burner. With 50 servings per container, expect Pre-Apocalypse to retail at a very reasonable price compared to other pre-workouts but don’t let the price fool you. As I said earlier, MuscleMaxx doesn’t throw money around on flashy marketing campaigns or sign top named pro athletes. Instead they produce good products and pass the marketing dollars on as savings to you. In terms of taste, energy and overall value, I give MuscleMaxx Pre-Apocalypse a 5-star rating.