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Muscle Talk

Jaime Filer

Jaime Filer graduated with a kinesiology degree from York University, where she was a varsity athlete. She’s also a former competitive bodybuilder who competed in drug-tested events throughout North America. If something new is trending in fitness, chances are Jaime’s already tried it!

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Muscle Beach Blast - Aug-Sept 15

Mecca YouTube Video of the month

If you thought last month was insane at Venice Beach, California, just wait until you see what DaveMadMax6 has in store for you this time! We have Ms. Figure International Camala Rodriguez-McClure showing us the secret to those insane abs, in addition to Eric Broser and West “Mac Trucc” Boxley talking about how killer their contest prep was. Lastly, DaveMadMax6 gets in front of the camera to give you a front-row seat to his own contest prep, and what it’s like to live with his best friend Jay Cutler for the days leading up to his show. It’s hot in Venice this month!

The video of the month, however, is one that’s surpassed—no, shattered—our old YouTube records. IFBB fitness pro Oksana Grishina has eight pro victories under her belt. Most recently, she has back-to-back Arnold Classic victories and a 2014 Ms. Fitness Olympia title. She is currently at the pinnacle of the fitness world, and in this episode of her “Day in the Life,” she lets us in on the secret to her upper body. It’s only part four of the six-part series, so consider this a warning that you’re going to want to plant yourself in front of the computer for all the episodes.


“Two weeks out from the 2015 Arnold, DaveMadMax6 catches up with Ms. Fitness Olympia Oksana Grishina to watch her annihilate her delts and tris, and then hit her core ... hard. She goes through her pre-workout supplement regimen and talks about the benefits of the different SAN products she takes throughout the day and around her training.”

Top YouTube comments:

Frank Stah about Ask the Doc episode 7: “I wish the world had more open minded docs like Dr. Rand. Much respect to you, Doc and Dave! Can we have more videos like this please.”

Hellthrasher about Leg Training with Shawn Rhoden: “I love this training video. Watching him train with big Brad Rowe is always motivating. And of course at the Mecca. that’s motivation in itself. Keep em coming!”

Lorraine Partridge about Oksana episode 6, practicing her routine: “I've just watched all of these films and they are great. Very motivating to get my own butt in the gym. The films just make you feel like you want to do a few leg presses, dips etc. Oksana is such an inspiration and comes across as such a genuine, lovely person. She deserves all her success.”

randomtumminelli about the West Boxley competition day video, “This is awesome to see the hard work mac put in! He has the smile and pride of what it all came down to! Great to see, can't wait to see the vid at Gold’s!”

TheMacTrucc about the West Boxley competition day video, “It's getting really hard to top each segment! I live for this! This is only the beginning!”