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Scott Welch BASc. (Nutrition)

Known in the industry as "The Supplement Genius" Scott Welch has devoted his career studying performance enhancement and weight loss through dietary intervention. He received a bachelor of applied science degree in Nutrition from Ryerson University and later completed a post-graduate certificate in advertising. He’s had countless interactions with leading scientists, doctors, and hundreds of trainers from around the world, giving him a unique perspective that others lack. Welch founded MUSCLE INSIDER in 2009.

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Lean Body Mass And Your Metabolism

Scientists have long realized the importance of lean body mass (LBM) in relation to metabolism. The hardest thing about dieting isn’t figuring out a way to lose weight; there are plenty of ways to do that. The hardest thing is figuring out a way to lose body fat while maintaining LBM or fat-free mass. Numerous research reports have shown the connection between fat-free mass and metabolic rate: As fat-free mass increases, so does metabolic rate. But the reverse is also true: Decreases in fat-free mass result in decreases in metabolic rate. That’s bad news because if your metabolic rate drops, it takes fewer calories to maintain your body weight, and any excess calories become stored body fat. Traditional low-calorie diets usually result in a temporary loss of body weight, with some of the weight being fat, but a large percentage is fat-free mass. In the long run, the up-and-down, yo-yo dieting syndrome will result in a decreased metabolic rate and an increase in body fat. To help prevent muscle loss while dieting:

  • Eat 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight
  • Lift weights 3–5 times per week with maximum effort
  • Sleep 7 or more hours each day

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