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John Robert Cardillo

John Robert Cardillo

John travelled the world to learn the best training and nutrition principles and trained alongside top pro bodybuilders at Gold's Gym California. He was a student of Arthur Jones, inventor of Nautilus and Medx Fitness machines, and the pioneer of hi-intensity training. John developed the HIT3 Training System, which transformed his physique to win countless bodybuilding competitions at just 18 years of age! He was also the first bodybuilder to utilize Faradic Electric Muscle Stimulation in his training and intermittent fasting during his competition prep. John’s SHREDDED Nutrition Diet helped him build one of the most shredded physiques of all time. His diet program incorporates fasting and nutrient timing to help athletes build lean muscle while losing body fat.

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How to Use Intermittent Fasting to Increase Human Growth Hormone Naturally

The pituitary gland is extremely important for the generation of human growth hormone (HGH). This hormone is the catalyst for many actions that the human body engages in, including body growth, the body’s composition, the repair of damaged cells and control of the metabolism. Another aspect of the work HGH performs is that it will increase muscle, improve strength during exercise through improved performance and help a body recover faster from injury and illness. When your HGH levels are low, you’re susceptible to disease and increased body fat, hurting your quality of life.

An injury will require higher-than-usual HGH levels to speed up the recovery process, and if you’re engaged in athletics, high HGH levels improve overall performance. Also, if you’re on a diet, you need high levels of HGH to help with weight loss. If you want to increase our HGH levels, you need to look at your diet and lifestyle as a means of accelerating HGH volume in your body.

The results of a clinical trial published by the Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism in 1995 came to an exciting conclusion. According to the data, HGH replacement therapy leads to an improvement of exercise capacity and maximal oxygen uptake, but has no significant effect on cardiac structure. Fasting will increase your production of HGH in a significant way. The Western Journal of Medicine released a study that illustrates just how massive the phenomenon is for humans. The 1982 paper “Fasting: the history, pathophysiology, and complications” said that after three days of fasting, HGH levels rose over 300 percent in test cases. The study went further to say that fasting had increased HGH in the body after a week by an astounding 1250 percent. Widespread studies have borne out this fact. In subsequent studies, it was found that fasting for approximately three days will double or triple HGH levels in the body. If you have the willpower and discipline to do it, intermittent fasting is a sustainable approach to increasing HGH levels naturally.

Different Ways to Apply Intermittent Fasting

There are a couple of types of fasting that are catching on with people. One way to intermittently fast is to eat during a short time window of two to eight hours each day and fast for the remainder of the day. In my SHREDDED Nutrition Diet program, the best results were realized by fasting 22 hours each day, followed by a two-hour eating period. Another tried and true method is to limit your caloric intake from 500 to 600 calories per day twice per week. Intermittent fasting helps the body in two ways. The first way is that it will help reduce body fat, and that improves HGH production. The second way is that it will keep your insulin levels low during the day. Your pancreas releases insulin when you eat, and if you experience insulin spikes, it can reduce your HGH production. The bottom line is that HGH levels are higher when fasting than when eating.

For more info on John Cardillo, check out his website at johnrobertcardillo.com or right here at Muscle Insider at John Cardillo.