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Zoa Linsey

Q. What are you doing training-wise to improve your physique for the upcoming contest schedule? Any different exercises, training secrets or new strategies you can tell us about?...

Q. There seems to be this whole underworld of schmoes that put female bodybuilding in a negative light. What is the most bizarre request in this business that you’ve received from an...

Q. I’ve noticed that many pros don’t train using a full range of motion on every rep and many seem outright sloppy, but still manage to build tons of mass. How important is strict form and...

Q. What’s your opinion on low-fat versus low-carb dieting for pre-contest diets?

Q. If you were to give an up-and-coming bodybuilder one piece of advice that would be the most important information you could give, what would it be?

Q. How did you find crossing over from the CBFF to the IFBB in terms of the shows are run and backstage with the other athletes?

Q. I’ve heard some pros eat a shake followed by a meal followed by a shake. Is there any merit to this?

Q. Being a tall athlete, do you modify your leg-training exercises, or do you stick to the basics (e.g., squats)?

Q. How often do you practice your posing, and do you get outside help?

Q: How much time prior to a workout do you eat and what do you eat?