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XP Sports Partners with Professional Gaming Content Creator SypherPK

We recently brought you news of the new partnership with XP Sports and former pro gamer Anthony “Nameless” Wheeler. We’ve now learned of another partnership XP Sports has launched, with professional gaming content creator SypherPK®. The 24-year old streamer and online personality with over four million followers to date, a high engagement rate on his social channels, and an extremely loyal following will be integrating and promoting XP Sports™ for the next six months on his streams and will also be promoting the partnership across all of his social channels, which generates over 40 million viewers per month across nearly five million subscribers. The six-month contract ties one of the most exciting and engaging professional streamers today with the made to play supplement brand engineered to enhance the gaming experience.

“XP Sports™ products have been a fantastic addition to my day-to-day routine as a content creator,” said SypherPK. “Keeping my energy levels up and my focus sharp when I’m gaming for long hours is important, and it’s great that their products give me the boost I need without any added sugars or calories.”

SypherPK rose to fame showcasing his talents on Twitch® playing the popular game Fortnite® and by promoting his YouTube® channel through collaborations with other well-known gaming personalities. He often streams between four to ten hours per day and will be using XP Sports™ popular pre-game energy drinks to refuel during his long streams. As part of this partnership, SypherPK will also be using custom XP Sports™ banners and assets when streaming on Twitch®.

“SypherPK is one of the most dynamic and entertaining gamers in the space right now,” said Jarrod Jordan, Chief Marketing Officer at Iovate Health Sciences International Inc., the maker of the XP Sports™ brand. “His ability to collaborate and connect with an audience will be instrumental in educating consumers about XP Sports™ and its benefits for gamers.”

For more news and updates from XP Sports, visit the XP Sports website and check out their social media pages.

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Source: Iovate Health Sciences International Inc.