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XP Sports Partners with Analyst and Former Pro Gamer Anthony Wheeler

XP Sports, a leading supplement brand specializing in formulas made specifically for gamers and esports athletes, has announced the launch of a new influencer and brand partnership with analyst and former professional gamer Anthony “Nameless” Wheeler along with his podcast The CoDCast. Wheeler retired from professional play in 2018 making the move to an analyst role for the CoD pro league. In that same year, Nameless created The CoDCast podcast, a podcast for fans of esports, with himself as the host along with Jonathan “Pacman” Tucker, a former player and current General Manager of Rise.

“It's exciting to be working with an up and coming company in the gaming space. I love the product and the team behind it even more,” said Nameless. “XP Sports™ makes me feel amazing during gaming sessions and I swear by it every day. It's a game-changer.”

Wheeler’s favorite XP Sports™ product is Boost Energy Drinks, which come in two delicious flavors – Sour Lime Pucker Face and Rainbow Candy. XP Sports™ Boost Energy Drinks deliver a unique combination of scientifically advanced ingredients and are engineered to support performance, mental energy, and improved reaction time. XP Sports™ Boost Energy Drinks have zero calories, zero sugar, and zero lag, as well as a key ingredient to support eye health.

“As someone who showcased a great amount of skill, determination, and dedication throughout his professional gaming career, Nameless is an ideal partner for XP Sports™ because not only does he value winning, but he also understands the importance of balance in life,” said Jarrod Jordan, Chief Marketing Officer at Iovate Health Sciences International Inc., the maker of the XP Sports™ brand. “Nameless believes that if you want to be happy in your career as a gamer, you need to be happy outside of the game, as well.”

For more news and updates from XP Sports, visit the XP Sports website and check out their social media pages.

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