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Warrior Crunch Bar Review

Warrior Supplements

Every week, it seems another new protein bar hits stores and gyms across the nation, each promising to be the best tasting bar ever. Now before we get into the review, it’s important for you to know that most of the top protein bars in the market are manufactured in the United States at a handful of contract manufacturing facilities. One of the most popular manufacturing plants is called Bakery Barn, which makes many of your favourite baked protein bars and cookies. That doesn’t mean these bars are all exactly the same; it simply means that many of them are made at the same plant, which is why many protein bars are very similar with regard to their flavours, size, texture, macros, and, of course, taste. There are subtle differences in the ingredients, but a protein candy bar is a protein candy bar. A baked protein cookie with a drizzle on top tastes like, well, you guessed it, another popular baked protein cookie with drizzle on it! How do you stand out from the pack? You manufacture it in a different facility on a different continent! This is exactly what Warrior Supplements has done with its Warrior Crunch protein candy bar.

Warrior Crunch Is Manufactured in the UK

The United Kingdom is not only the birthplace of six-time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates but also where Warrior Crunch bars, Battle Bites (which we previewed a few weeks back), Grenade bars and the very popular Mars and Bounty protein bars were created. While US manufacturers have been perfecting how to make delicious protein powders, BCAAs, pre-workouts, RTDs, and more, UK manufacturers were silently rewriting the blueprint for how to make true “candy bar” protein bars. The UK also has the fourth highest chocolate consumption in the world per capita, so it’s no wonder its citizens demand such delicious bars! No more tea and crumpets for the queen—delicious high-protein Warrior Crunch bars are now available.

Warrior Crunch Flavours

The Warrior Crunch bar comes in five flavours (Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter, Salted Caramel, Milk Chocolate Coconut, White Chocolate Crisp, and Raspberry Lemon Cheesecake). All flavours are truly irresistible, but if we had to rank them, we found Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter to be the absolute best of the best in the pack, followed closely by Salted Caramel and Milk Chocolate Coconut. As you’d expect with White Chocolate Crisp, it’s much sweeter than milk chocolate or dark chocolate simply because that’s how white chocolate tastes. So if you like white chocolate in general, then you’ll love this flavour and might even rank it as their top flavour. The Raspberry Lemon Cheesecake is very sweet due to the jam-flavoured filling oozing out of the bar with each bite, which is matched with a tangy lemon hint that cuts some of the sweetness. We aren’t fans of fruit-flavoured protein bars in general, but Warrior did a good job with this difficult flavour, and if you like cheesecake, jam, and lemon with white chocolate for good measure, then this flavour is for you. Again, not our number one choice compared to the other four, but we’re splitting hairs as all flavours are truly as good as a candy bar, so it’s hard to not enjoy all of them.

Warrior Crisp Bar Shape

But aside from the truly decadent taste, the most unique feature about the Warrior Crunch bar is its shape. Unlike traditional US-made bars that are rectangular slabs, Warrior Crunch bars are shaped almost as a complete square. They’re also much thinner and shorter than traditional bars, making them easy to bite, break, share and bite and bite again! All bars have a low-fat, low-sugar chocolate coating (that varies between milk chocolate or white chocolate, depending on the flavour). The center has a nougat filling that we believe contains much of the protein in the bar. This portion doesn’t seem to have a distinct flavour; it just seems to just give the bar much of its shape. We also noticed that small spheres (labelled as “soya crispies”) in each flavour give the bar a unique texture while also boosting protein content as these spheres are made with soy protein and rice flour, which are naturally rich in protein.

Warrior Crisp Bar Macros

Each bar contains 20 grams of protein from mostly milk protein, hydrolyzed collagen, soy, and rice flour, which have a broad amino acid spectrum and would be considered as a complete protein when combined together as they are in this bar. With approximately 241 calories in each bar, 33 percent of the calories come from protein and 41 percent from fat, leaving 26 percent from carbs. However, there are a total of 25 grams of carbohydrates, but 21 of these are from sugar alcohols, namely, maltitol. This sugar alcohol doesn’t spike insulin levels the way other carbohydrates would, which makes it ideal for low-carb dieters, keto diehards, or just those bros at the gym looking to cut carbs. Maltitol contains between 2 and 3 calories per gram and breaks down in the body to glucose and fructose after digestions. In the United States, foods with maltitol in them must carry a laxative warning on their labels; however, a laxative side effect doesn’t happen unless you consume 100 grams or more of it. There are nowhere near enough grams of maltitol on Warrior Crunch to cause this effect, so don’t worry about this warning; it’s not relevant unless you’re eating four or more of these bars a day!

Warrior Crunch Supplement Review Rating

If you’re looking for a true candy bar loaded with 20 grams of protein that’s low in sugar but doesn’t taste low in sugar, then look no further than Warrior Crunch. The addictive flavours, unique shape, crunchy texture, and caramel or jam filling coupled with the delicious chocolate coating make this one of the absolute best tasting bars we’ve ever reviewed. Thanks to their Canadian distributor, Conquer All Nutrition, Warrior Bars will be in thousands of stores and gyms very soon, making them finally available to bodybuilders and iron warriors across the nation.

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