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Battle Bites Coming to Canada

Battle Oats

We just got word of Battle Bites coming to Canada this December thanks to their Canadian distribution partner Conquer All Nutrition. A company based in the UK since 2014, two best friends started a brand, looking to bring people a more nutritious protein bar. One of their products that has quickly become a UK favourite, is Battle Bites. The biggest reasons for their popularity (aside from the unbelievable taste), is that Battle Bites are low sugar, high-protein bites that people love, trust and enjoy. Each pack of Battle Bites, has two bite sized pieces with 10 g of protein per bite. Battle Bites contain 110-118 calories, 8-10 g of fat and a mere 1.5 g of sugar per bite (the macros vary within this range based on the flavour you choose). Made in a family run bakery in the UK, Battle Bites are GMO Free, covered in a low-sugar milk chocolate and come in five flavours (Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Coconut, Chocolate Caramel, Birthday Cake, Red Velvet) and a sixth seasonal release flavour called Candy Cane. For more information on Battle Bites products, visit https://www.battleoats.com/

If you'd like to carry Battle Bites at your store, email info@conquerallnutrition.com Follow them at Instagram & Facebook