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Supplement Source ZMB6 Preview


After SupplementSource.ca had launched their own supplements line earlier this year, we brought you word of the new Supplement Source L-Carnitine that was recently launched. Once again, the Essentials line up has another new product added to the mix, with the addition of Supplement Source ZMB6. This new product is a direct comparison to ZMA that you would find from other brands. It is a source of 30 mg zinc aspartate, 450 mg magnesium aspartate, and 15 mg vitamin B6. For people that participate in intense bouts of exercise, it is common to experience a depletion of key mineral and vitamin stores. As the body cannot replenish these essential nutrients on its own, ZMB6 is effective to help top up the body's stores to optimal levels. ZMB6 has even been promoted to create a calming effect for deeper sleep and supporting free testosterone levels. ZMB6 is available through the Supplement Source Canada website, in a 90-capsule bottle for the low price of $12.99.

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