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Supplement Review Ballistic Labs Brotein

You don’t need to be a Jersey Shore fan to join this bromance! Canada’s Ballistic Labs is introducing Brotein, its newest product on the protein market. This protein blend brings you the best of two worlds with a concentrate and an isolate rolled into one. We’re going to detail all the benefits of this product, but we can’t lie: Hands-down, the standout is the flavour options. Ballistic put its creative team to work and created a range of flavours that are more exceptional than many of the other brands in your favourite supplement stores or websites. Not only does Brotein supply you with a clean protein, but it also has an addictive taste.

Whey Protein + Whey Isolate

Brotein is made using a blend of whey concentrate and whey isolate. Ballistic Labs uses two different processing methods, one for the concentrate part that makes up the formula and one for the isolate component. Brotein’s whey concentrate is produced by a cold ultrafiltering process, which gently removes most carbohydrates and leaves just a small amount of fat. The isolate undergoes tangential cold flow membrane microfiltration, which is also known as cross-flow microfiltration (CFM). In this process, whey protein isolates undergo a more thorough processing that removes more fat and lactose than other filtration methods. Although these two systems have their differences, one key similarity is the use of cold temperatures for the filtering process. Cold-processed whey is never exposed to extreme temperatures, which can damage the quaternary and tertiary structure of the protein. This yields a product with more protein and more bioavailability.

Both the concentrate and isolate are rBGH free, which means it doesn’t have any bovine growth hormones. These are lab-made hormones that mimic the growth hormone cows naturally produce. What is this hormone doing in milk to begin with? Good question! It helps stimulate milk production, resulting in greater yields for farmers, which is why they give this to dairy cattle. However, many companies are taking a more cautious approach to prioritize the health of the consumer by ensuring that the ingredients in their formulas don’t contain rBGH. All Ballistic Labs proteins are hormone free (including rBGH), and are non-GMO.

It’s All About the Macros, Bro

A full scoop of Brotein weighs in at 31 grams and contains 25 grams of protein, 2 grams of fat, and 3 grams of carbs (with one gram of sugar). Depending on the flavour, you’re getting a protein yield of 76 to 81 percent per scoop with a comprehensive list of amino acids, which are all naturally occurring (nothing added to spike the count). The nutrition facts panel clearly lists the quantities of each amino, being fully transparent to the consumer—a feature we applaud.

Brotein’s macro count makes it an ideal protein to use at any point in the day. Blended into a shake with fruit, milk, and ice, or simply shaken with water, it can be enjoyed a variety of ways. The low fat and carb content allow you to tailor your meal to meet your specific needs. It also makes a perfect convenient (and delicious) snack to grab if you’re on the go.

Brotein Keeping Protein Clean

We’ve already mentioned the health-conscious properties Ballistic Labs applies to Brotein—being hormone-free and non-GMO. An important additional benefit to all the flavours of Brotein is the fact that they’re gluten and peanut free. These items are common dietary allergens or irritants for much of the population. Keeping these out of a product allows a wider audience to enjoy it.

For those with a sensitivity to lactose, Brotein contains only one gram of lactose per scoop. The filtration processes Ballistic Labs uses helps remove the majority of lactose content, which is naturally present in whey. A low lactose content can ease the digestive distress commonly experienced with whey proteins.

Brotein Drinkable Dessert

We kept the best for last—taste testing! Brotein comes in six decadent flavours: Banana Dream Pie, Milk Chocolate Ice Cream, Mocha Shake Americano, Butterscotch Caramel Pudding, Chocolate Hazelnut Funtella, and Vanilla Soft Serve … whew, we need to catch our breath after that list. This might be one of the most diverse flavour ranges we’ve seen for a protein product. No matter your taste personality, there’s something here you’ll love. If you prefer to stick to the basics, you’ve got a milk chocolate and a vanilla option. Coffee lovers will be hooked on Mocha Shake Americano, and those with a raging sweet tooth … well, you have a handful of dessert replicas to cycle through. Hey, variety is the spice of life, right?

Ballistic Labs FlavourPunch™ Technology

Formulated with that they’re rightfully calling FlavourPunch™ technology, there’s no doubting what flavour you’ve grabbed as they’re all true to their name. You also won’t believe there’s only one gram of sugar in these. We weren’t joking about those with a sweet tooth—this is liquid dessert. FlavourPunch™ technology ensures that the final scoop of your tub tastes just as good as the first. We couldn’t pick just one, though. We were stuck between Mocha Shake Americano and Butterscotch Caramel Pudding. Regardless, each flavour delivers a very creamy, rich flavour that blends smoothly for a perfect milkshake-dupe.

It’s Gain Time with Brotein

As a newcomer to the protein market, Ballistic Labs is making a strong entrance with its products. Being a blend product, Brotein is a great option for a wider audience of consumers looking to hit their protein macros. The flavour selection is a standout feature, with so many unique options that deliver knockout taste. It’s time to start your bromance with this product.

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