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Supplement Review Ballistic Labs Iso Lit

Ballistic Labs has gone ballistic in launching new product after new product lately! Now it’s adding a whey protein isolate called Iso-Lit to its product line, and we’re excited to put this one to the test.

Not Just Another Whey Protein Isolate

Let’s face it, Canada is an isolate country where whey protein isolate is by far the most popular protein source among those really into fitness. Every month, another company is releasing another whey isolate, which raises the bar higher and higher! With so many whey protein isolate options to choose from, how does one stand out? With Iso-Lit, Ballistic plans to give athletes a 100 percent pure whey isolate using high-quality manufacturing, amazing flavours, easy digestibility and a good overall value.

Cold Membrane Microfiltration

Whey isolates are known for their low fat and lactose content, delivering a high dose of protein, and Iso-Lit is no exception. Ballistic uses what’s called a tangential cold flow membrane microfiltration process, which filters the protein out of the whey, removing even small traces of lactose, fat and carbs from the whey itself. Cold filtration methods are highly regarded for being a gentler process, leaving the molecules less damaged (denatured) than heat-based processing methods. This allows you to preserve the quaternary structure of the protein itself, which is believed to increase bioavailability and anabolism from the protein itself. The bottom line for you is a very clean, stable, isolated whey protein source.

Iso-Lit Protein Content

Iso-Lit’s nutrition facts label clearly demonstrates the benefits of an isolate protein. Each 30-gram scoop has solid macros and yields between 82 and 87 percent protein (by weight), depending on the flavour you choose. Each serving delivers 26 grams of 100 percent pure protein with minimal fat and carbs (0.5 grams and one gram, respectively). The low fat and carb counts allow us the flexibility to tailor our meal to our needs, and we love having the freedom to choose! Iso-Lit contains less than one gram of lactose per serving, which helps eliminate the likelihood of the product causing digestive upset. Some people can experience bloating and gas when using a whey protein blend, and this can even sometimes happen in a lower-quality whey isolate because of the small amount of lactose content if the user is extremely lactose intolerant. That’s not going to happen with Iso-Lit.

Iso-Lit Is Gluten Free, Hormone & Dye Free

To appeal to a wider audience, Iso-Lit is gluten and peanut free, which makes it safe for those who may experience digestive discomfort with gluten in their diets or those allergic to peanuts and nut products. Iso-Lit is also hormone free and dye free because it uses all-natural colouring. It costs a bit more to manufacture a whey isolate to these specifications but as we said earlier, the bar keeps rising higher and higher!

No Amino Spiking

Ballistic Labs also provides the complete amino breakdown on the label. This transparency allows users to see exactly what they’re getting. Iso-Lit has zero amino acids added to its formula, so you’re not getting an amino-spiked protein. Whole intact proteins are what you’re paying for, and that’s exactly what you’re getting. It costs more for companies to do this, so don’t shop for the cheapest whey protein you can find. Quality costs more.

A Punch of Flavour

Obviously, we need our protein supplement to deliver a clean dose of protein, but we also want it to taste good, too. Ballistic Labs has upped the flavour game with the use of what it calls FlavorPunch™ technology. Iso-Lit comes in four decadent flavours: Chocolate Nut Funtella, Creamy Vanilla Soft Serve, Milk Chocolate Memories and Banana Cream Dream. There’s no denying the fact that they’re gunning to give you a dessert-like protein in a shaker cup—all with just one gram of sugar!

Taste is only part of the enjoyment, though. Not only are these flavours true to their names, but the texture of each elevates the protein even higher. Each has a rich, creamy texture that highlights the flavour and makes each sip incredibly enjoyable. It blends perfectly, creating an incredibly smooth, particle-free mixture that’s easy to drink. Gains have never tasted this good.

Final Thoughts on Reviewing Iso-Lit

For a small but up-and-coming company, Ballistic Labs stands out in the market in a great way. Its products are high-quality and well thought out to be different from everything already on the market. They taste good, the pricing is fair and the packaging is phenomenal. It’s not a secret that the protein market is packed with options, and one way to stand out is visually. Ballistic Labs has checked the boxes we value in terms of its product quality, and is having fun with its marketing. Keep your eye on this protein, and trust us when we say the packaging and distribution connections will make this one hard to miss. It’s time to go ballistic! 

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