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Something Big Coming From MuscleTech

MuscleTech has not been shy about introducing new products into the market recently. Take the brand new MuscleTech Plant Protein for example, that was just released. Most recently we saw what looked like a whole family of new MuscleTech products at the recent Stack3D Supplement Expo.

The MuscleTech team describes these new products by saying, “Our Research team has been working tirelessly on new product breakthroughs that will not only deliver meaningful innovation but will advance the sports nutrition industry as a whole. We celebrate our decades of innovation – but we’re just getting started.”

While the suspense is killing us, we’re excited to see what these new products will be. History has proven that MuscleTech is not your average supplement brand, as they devote more research to their product innovation than any other brand in the market. From the teaser image, we can tell that a few products look to be pill products by the shape of the bottles, while others look like powders as they resemble the typical BCAA/EAA powder or pre-workout tubs. There are also flavor symbols on the face of the tubs, so we believe these will be flavored versions of the drink mix. But we can’t rule out the possibility that these could be gummies, as many companies use this sized container for gummies, and gummies are really popular right now! We’re only guessing, so time will tell if we are on or off the mark, of course.

Another product that is displayed in the teaser image is what appears to be a sample pack, which could be anything really. In addition, we see 2 products that have green coloring in some of the packaging designs, which leads us to believe these might be some form of natural product. Whatever these new products turn out to be, we can assure you that our Muscle Insider team can’t wait to get our hands on them to test them out! We’ll be sure to provide more details as soon as they’re available.

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