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PVL Gold Series EAA + BCAA Complete Preview

Pure Vita Labs (PVL) is the sister company to Mutant, focussed on fuelling high-performance athletes and sports teams with products that are really clean and equally potent. As the sports supplement industry has evolved, so has the look and product range of PVL, and they boast a lineup of exactly 20 different products (plus various sizes and flavors of course). Last March, we previewed their PVL Gold Series Amino Complete+ EAA product, which gained some traction throughout the year by progressive retailers and competitive athletes who understand the benefits of EAAs over BCAAs. Since Amino Complete+ came out, research has also progressed, and new entrants have jumped into the EAA game. As such, PVL has now launched under their “Gold Series” division, the new PVL Gold Series EAA + BCAA Complete. This new formula picks up where Amino Complete+ left off and has an even better formula than its predecessor. Each serving contains 8 grams of amino acids made up of 7grams of EAAs, 500 mg of Taurine, 300 mg of Tyrosine, and 200 mg of Arginine which are both Conditionally Essential Amino Acids (CEAAs). Arginine is included in this formula to help increase Nitric Oxide production and facilitate with transporting of EAAs and other nutrients. We have seen several brands include Arginine with their EAA formula including MRI’s original Amino Ten, Twinlab’s REAAL, Xtend Perfect 10, Rejuvenate, and Mutant GEAAR. There’s good science to support its inclusion in an EAA formula. The formula has 10 different B vitamins and electrolytes including Aquamin. It also 1 gram of a focus blend which includes, Lions Mane, Siberian Ginseng, Tyrosine, and Taurine which really makes this EAA very unique and perfect for high-performance athletes taking this before and during training or students looking to prevent catabolism when you don’t have time to eat while also keeping their minds sharp. There are 30 servings per 330-gram container at a $39.99 suggested retail price which works out to about $1.33 per serving. PVL Gold Series EAA + BCAA Complete is available in the same flavors as the original which are Tropical Punch and Sweet Iced Tea.

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