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Rejuvenate Coming to Canada


Rejuventate is a mainstream EAA supplement put out by Element Nutrition, a Canadian company based in Oakville, Ontario. The company was founded by former MuscleTech/Iovate research manager Stuart Lowther who later brought on supplement industry veteran Stephen Brown to help take his company to the next level. The product launched in the U.S. last year and has had enormous success getting into over 10,000 stores and building a solid customer base.

What’s In Rejuvenate?

Rejuvenate comes in 2 flavours (Fruit Punch and Raspberry) with each serving delivering 3.6 grams of EAAs + Arginine (a conditionally essential amino acid) in a 5.5 grams pouch which is 65% amino acids by weight. Now before you brush this off as just a mainstream EAA supplement designed for old people, understand that this formula is backed by 25 studies. What makes this formula unique is the ratio of one amino acid to another which is something that’s actually patented. This is the same formula we saw licensed to MRI for their Amino 10 product for and Twinlab’s REAAL supplement a few years back.

Rejuvenate Is Backed By Human Research

Research from the Geriatric Center at Arkansas University Medical Center showed that a single serving of Rejuvenate increased the body’s ability to rebuild and repair muscle by 57%. In another study published by the Journal of Aging Research & Clinical Practice, Rejuvenate increased the strength of knee and hip replacement patients, by 800%. In another study published by The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, patients who were bedridden actually gained muscle by taking Rejuvenate compared to those who lost muscle who were not taking it.

“Super excited about our Rejuvenate Product launch in Canadian retail now. This comes a year after we launched in over 10,000 US CVS and Walmart stores. Rejuvenate is a Patented Amino Acid formula clinically proven to help build and repair muscle by 57% even without exercise. Rejuvenate helps fight the loss of muscle as we age (Sarcopenia). Rejuvenate is already in Rexall Stores and will be found in Shoppers Drug Mart by the middle of June.” Stephen Brown, Chief Operating Officer  

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