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Pro Line Nutrition Ignite Preview

Over the past several months, the team at ProLine Nutrition has been busy. Just a couple of the latest releases include ProLine Nutrition’s TeaCrine as well as the new ProLine Nutrition Dynamine. This is a fast-acting, high-impact ingredient found in Kucha tea, and is a chemical cousin of both caffeine and TeaCrine®. We now see they are looking to set a new standard for fat burners with the launch of ProLine Nutrition Ignite. The balanced formula will not only help you achieve a leaner physique by targeting fat, but it will also help to improve overall energy and mood, as well as increase thermogenesis, and optimize insulin sensitivity.

Each 3 capsule serving of Ignite contains 600 mg Noble orchid (dendrobium extract), which is known for its ability to improve mood, focus, and concentration. When it comes to energy levels, you won’t be left wanting more, as Ignite also contains 350 mg of caffeine, 300 mg Green Coffee Bean (50%), 300 mg Green Tea Extract, and 200 mg of L-theanine to balance out any jitters. The formula also has 90 mg of GBBGO.

Another great addition to this ProLine Nutrition Ignite formula is including 60 mg of CaloriBurn GP™ (Grains of Paradise), which is designed to increase whole-body energy and decrease visceral fat. Each bottle of ProLine Nutrition Ignite has 90 capsules, providing 30 servings per container. For more information, be sure to visit the ProLine Nutrition website and follow them on Instagram to stay up to date with everything new the brand is bringing to the market.

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