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Pro Line Nutrition Ignite Preview

Over the past several months, the team at ProLine Nutrition have been busy. Just a couple of the latest releases include ProLine’s TeaCrine® standalone product as well as a new Dynamine product. We now see they are looking to set a new standard for fat burners with the launch of ProLine Nutrition Ignite. The balanced formula will help you not only to achieve a leaner physique by targeting fat but also to improve overall energy and mood, as well as increase thermogenesis and optimize insulin sensitivity. Whether you are a beginner looking to get a jump start to bikini season or a seasoned professional competing at the highest level, Ignite has you covered. Ignite's clinically dosed formula is designed to give you the rapid fat incineration you demand.

Each 3-capsule serving of Ignite contains 600 mg Noble orchid (dendrobium extract), which is known for its ability to improve mood, focus, and concentration. When it comes to energy, Ignite contains 350 mg of caffeine, 300 mg of green coffee bean (50%), 300 mg green tea extract, and 200 mg of L-theanine to balance out any jitters from the stims! They added 300 mg of gymnema sylvestre to support glucose disposal properties and appetite control. The formula also has 90 mg of GBBGO (gamma butyrobetaine hydrochloride).

Powerd with CaloriBurn GP

But the standout ingredient in the Ignite formula is 60 mg of CaloriBurn GP (Grains of paradise) made by NNB Nutrition, which is designed to increase whole-body calorie burning and support visceral fat utilization. Grains of paradise is an ancient spice also known as Aframomum melegueta with a similar composition to ginger, including its active compounds. It has traditional uses in West African medicine and has historically been used to treat ailments related to digestion and intestinal health. Over recent years, studies have shown that grains of paradise has other beneficial properties, particularly because of its active compounds, including 6-gingerol and 6-paradol. Brown adipose tissue (BAT) is a highly thermogenic tissue, as opposed to white adipose tissue (WAT), which has a primary function of storing excess calories as fat. BAT burns calories to generate heat; this process is sometimes referred to as non-shivering thermogenesis.

When we look at the list of beneficial uses for grains of paradise, the one that seems most compelling is its potential for improving body composition via activation of BAT. Early research using an extract of grains of paradise (GP) in rats showed that the extracts induced sympathetic nervous system and BAT activity in a dose-dependent manner lasting up to three hours. This stimulation also increased the tissue temperature. These results demonstrated that GP extracts, including the active compound 6-paradol, activate thermogenesis in BAT. Another study in mice given 5 milligrams per kilogram of grains of paradise extract showed an anti-obesity effect.

Each bottle of ProLine Nutrition Ignite has 90 capsules, providing 30 servings per container. For more information, be sure to visit the ProLine Nutrition website and follow them on Instagram to stay up to date with everything new the brand is bringing to the market.

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