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Perfect Sports BURN CYCLE Gets 3 New Flavours

Perfect Sports has just dropped 3 new flavours of BURN CYCLE which are: Intense Blue Raspberry, Southern Sweet Tea and Intense Swedish Sharks Candy. This brings their flavour range to 7 for loyal fans who want a refreshing fat-loss cocktail from the Canadian brand. One scoop (4 grams) delivers an effective dose of L-carnitine (1000 milligrams), caffeine (200 milligrams), and synephrine HCl (40 milligrams) for energy, focus, and fat burning. To address fat loss comprehensively, L-tyrosine (500 milligrams) supports stress management, and olive leaf (100 milligrams) maximizes glucose metabolism. Their are other support ingredients but these make up the main drivers. Perfect Sports is best known for their Diesel New Zealand whey isolate but we've slowly watched them add more products to their line while expanding overseas.