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Perfect Sports

Before you head out the door for your next cardio session, kick-start your fat burning with Perfect Sports’ Burn Cycle. Stacked with the ingredients known to aid in fat loss, Burn Cycle assists your body in mobilizing fat to be used for energy, revs your metabolism, and even helps curb your appetite.

Get even more out of your sweat sessions by mixing a scoop of Burn Cycle into 5 ounces of water. One scoop (4 grams) delivers an effective dose of L-carnitine (1000 milligrams), caffeine (200 milligrams), and synephrine HCl (40 milligrams) for energy, focus, and fat burning.

To address fat loss comprehensively, L-tyrosine (500 milligrams) supports stress management, while devil’s horsewhip (250 milligrams) suppresses appetite and olive leaf (100 milligrams) maximizes glucose metabolism.

Burn Cycle comes in Peach Bellini and Strawberry Daiquiri flavours, with Candy Tarts recently introduced to the lineup. Grab your shaker cup and enjoy the tastiest way to boost your fat-burning potential with Burn Cycle.