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Perfect Sports BCAA Hyper Clear Preview

Perfect Sports

This year has seen a lot of developments from the Perfect Sports brand. From a very impressive update to all of their packaging, to numerous new product launches and flavour additions, we’ve seen Perfect Sports gain some serious momentum in the industry. Their latest product soon to be released, will be Perfect Sports BCAA Hyper Clear. This new product provides superior-grade branched chain amino acids (BCAAs). Perfect Sports BCAA Hyper Clear will come in a 45 serving container, with each serving delivering 5 grams of fermented vegan-source, non-GMO BCAAs.

One key element of Perfect Sports BCAA Hyper Clear that should stand out compared to other BCAAs in the market, is the use of KaNaSol™ Buffered Technology, which enhances the solubility of the formula while also removing the bitterness and unpleasant aftertaste associated with free-form BCAAs.

Another unique feature of Perfect Sports BCAA Hyper Clear is that it contains natural colours yet we're told it still tastes delicious. We haven't tried it (yet), but we're excited to put this one to the test when it comes out. 

The new Perfect Sports BCAA Hyper Clear will be available in Intense Watermelon Candy, Intense Peach Rings Candy, and Intense Hawaiian Pineapple Candy (as well as an Unflavoured version which is very smart). Look for this coming soon.

For more information and to stay up to date, be sure to visit the Perfect Sports website and check it out their Instagram page.

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