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Nutrabolics Keto Carb Formula Reveal


A few weeks back we previewed the new Keto Carb by Nutrabolics which is their new carbohydrate supplement. But what exactly is Keto Carb? It’s a carb powder made from pea starch that’s designed for those following a keto diet or people just looking for a low-glycemic carb source. Pea starch is a unique complex carbohydrate because of its physical viscosity. It’s said to be a “resistant” starch because it is takes longer for the digestive enzymes in your stomach and gastrointestinal tract to break it down into glucose. The end result is a slower release of carbohydrates into your bloodstream. In theory, this slow digestive response reduces the “spike” of insulin that often comes from drinking carbohydrate supplements and allows you to stay in ketosis (if you’re following a keto diet). But if you’re eating candy canes leftover from the staff Christmas party while sipping on Keto Carb and expecting to be in ketosis, it’s not going to happen! It’s doesn’t put you into ketosis, it doesn’t contain ketones or BHB salts, it simply allows you to stay in ketosis if you’re already in ketosis and if you use it as directed.


What’s The "Mystery Carb" In Nutrabolics Keto Carb?

The “mystery carb” source found in Keto Carb is made from pea starch. We’ve seen other companies use this ingredient but never in a stand-alone carb supplement by itself making it the first of its kind. Many people we spoke with are also excited about Keto Carb because athletes and even mainstream weekend warriors have become too afraid of carb supplements. So Keto Carb could provide a good option for them.  

Stacking Nutrabolics Keto Carb 

We could see people stacking Keto Carb with slow-releasing protein powders often used in keto dieting (micellar casein, milk protein isolate, calcium caseinate, collagen and/or egg protein) adding in powdered flax seed oil or high quality MCT oils (rich in C8) to make their own Meal Replacement shakes. We could also see athletes stacking it with creatine, electrolytes, EAAs, or BCAAs to make an intra or post-workout cocktail. The versatility is there and with a name like Keto Carb, hopefully keto diehards will be more open minded to giving carbs a chance! One serving (21 grams) gives you 17 grams of complex carbohydrates with 71 calories and 20 servings per container. It’s sweetened with Sucralose and Stevia Extract with no synthetic dyes for colouring. We haven’t tried Keto Carb yet so we don’t know how well it mixes or if it tastes good but if the product turns out to be as effective as the research suggests, this could be Nutrabolics’ most innovative supplement since Supernova.