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Nutrabolics Keto Carb

Two weeks ago we did a preview on the new carb supplement from Nutrabolics now known as “Keto Carb”.  We've also managed to get a photo of the label being printed and a full front look. So we know Keto Carb is definitely coming to North America. What exactly is in Keto Carb? It’s a low glycemic carb source that allows keto dieters to stay in ketosis while enjoying the performance benefits of carbohydrates. No more spiking insulin through the roof and no more avoiding carbs for fear of a “sugar crash”. The timing of the product couldn't be any better given how hot the keto diet is these days. In fact, Rodney Dupont (Nutrabolics Co-CEO) is following a keto diet to test drive Keto Carb while losing fat which he gave a few clues about Keto Carb on a recent blog post he wrote.  


Keto Carb Is Not The First Carb Supplement From Nutrabolics

Nutrabolics got into the carb category many years back when they launched Anabolic Window and Waxybolic which were very popular amongst UFC fighters and bodybuilders for carb loading, recovery, etc. We’ve talked with one of the formulators of Keto Carb and the science is very promising. We’ve seen the formula and we know what the “mystery carb source” is that everyone’s talking about and can assure you it’s nothing like the traditional maltodextrin-based carb formulas on the market. We’ve never seen a company use this carb source as a stand-alone carb product before. 

Keto Carb & Ketogenic Diets 

Keto diets are a very effective way to burn fat and maintain stable energy levels throughout the day without the highs and lows that come from typical high glycemic index carb sources or consuming too many carbohydrates at once. It takes some time for your body to upregulate the metabolic machinery needed to efficiently utilize ketones for energy (once carbohydrates stores become lower) and glucagon kicks in but in time your body adapts to what you feed it. This diet has spawned a ton of supplements to compliment the keto diet like BHB salts, bulletproof coffee, high-fat coffee creamers, ketones, keto-testing strips, higher-grade MCT oils and powders and a series of other products. Nutrabolics looks to be part of the ketogenic diet movement with Keto Carb. 


Final Thoughts on Nutrabolics Keto Carb

As we wrote on our last post on Keto Carb, they used a red label to keep it separate from the black labelling we’re used to from Nutrabolics. We still don't know if this is part of a series or just a one off keto supplement but time will tell. We’ve been assured that we will receive bottles of Keto Carb for testing which we’re very excited for. So what is the mystery carb source? Sorry, we can’t give it away just yet but Gra Johnson (Vice President at Nutrabolics) recently described Keto Carb as a “resistant starch”. Check back on muscleinsider.com as we will be releasing the full formula very soon.