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Nutrabolics Blackout Sleep Supplement


We recently previewed Nutrabolics Keto Carb, which is a new carb powder for those following a ketogenic diet. We’ve just learned of another new supplement from Nutrabolics, this time it’s a new sleep supplement called “Blackout”. Nutrabolics has only released a mocked-up bottle of Blackout but what we can tell you is Blackout is a capsule product with 120 capsules per bottle. Each serving contains 5 capsules per serving making a bottle last you 24 sleeps! The formula contains 10 active ingredients but we don’t know what the formula is made of (yet). Could this be the antidote to their Stim-X or Super Nova pre-workout? We don't have answers but Nutrabolics promises to get users back to getting a good night’s sleep. We look forward to hearing more details as they release them. For more information on Blackout, visit their social media pages below.