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Johnnie Jackson Seen Using ALLMAX Supplements

We spotted IFBB Pro Johnnie O Jackson in a training video he posted to Instagram today, using ALLMAX Carbion+ and Beta-Alanine. While we've not heard any word of Jackson being signed to Team ALLMAX, we're still excited to see what this collaboration could bring in the future.

Johnnie explains, “You know, some supplements just help you.” After returning from throwing around some heavy weights, he goes on to say, “And then there are some supplements that put you back in the game!”



We don’t want to read anything into this video, but can we expect to see Jackson getting back on an IFBB stage soon? We'll be keeping our eyes on Johnnie and what his involvement with ALLMAX will bring.

ALLMAX is one of the hottest supplement companies in the industry and their products can be found in over 100 countries. Be sure to visit the ALLMAX Nutrition website and check them out on Instagram for more information.

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