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Supplement Review: Allmax Carbion+


A Better Way to Carb Load

Control insulin response and gut bloat with Allmax’s Carbion+

As far as sports supplement companies go, Allmax is a household name. With one of the largest product lines and athlete rosters in the industry, Allmax has earned a reputation for producing innovative formulas backed by science.

Good Is the Enemy of Great

Allmax’s original Carbion+ formula earned a reputation as one of the top carb powders on the market. At more than 50 bodybuilding contests we cover, Carbion+ is always that go-to supplement coaches use to carb load their athletes. With a winning product on their hands, why would they change it? Because Allmax wants to produce the best supplements it can without compromise. That means if it has a good product that everyone loves but it discovers new technologies that can make it better, Allmax will do so above all business considerations!

CARBION+ Under the Microscope

Each scoop contains 25 grams of time-released carbs. This dose is made of a blend of highly branched cyclic dextrin (HBCD), four different forms of maltodextrin and waxy maize. But out of all these carb sources, the one we’re most excited about is the HBCDs. This engineered carb is tasteless and highly soluble, making it the ideal carb for sport performance. It’s made by breaking down long-chain glucose polymers into highly branched cyclic chains. This causes HBCDs to have a greater surface area, allowing for high solubility and fast digestion. HBCDs have been shown to increase time to exhaustion by as much as 50 percent. Carbion+ contains 12.1 grams of HBCDs per scoop. The next carb source in the formula comes from a mix of 11.9 grams of four different types of maltodextrin, each with its own unique polymer length! This allows each to digest at different rates, resulting in a time-released carb delivery. We’ve never seen this done with maltodextrin before, which makes Carbion+ even more impressive. The final carb source is waxy maize (one gram), which helps solidify the time released effect of the entire formula.

Beyond Carbs

Carbion+ isn’t just a carb formula; additional stand-out features of this product that really impressed our editorial team include key electrolytes and glucose disposal agents. Electrolytes are necessary for muscle function, making them critical for athletes looking to keep their performance high. Carbion+ includes sodium, magnesium, potassium, and calcium, which are the big hitters when it comes to muscle contraction and hydration. The formula also includes plant extracts and minerals, which act as glucose disposal agents to help to activate insulin receptors. These agents include prickly pear, bitter melon extracts, D-pinitol, and vanadium. Including these within a carb product sensitizes insulin, stimulates glute-4 transporter migration, controls blood sugar, and shuttles carbs into muscle tissue.

No Gut Bloat

Potentially the biggest benefit (to us, anyways) of the Carbion+ formula is the lack of simple sugars, which spike insulin and may contribute to dehydration. Simple carbs can also give you the dreaded “gut bloat.” No one has time for gut bloat when they’re trying to leg press, squat, deadlift, crunch, or just trying to impress the ladies with an ab pose! Carbion+ uses carbs that have been engineered to dissolve instantly.

Taste Test 

One of the things we hate about carb supplements like Vitargo is their thick, syrupy texture. We don’t want to drink anything that has a toothpaste texture! Carbion+ mixes well with little effort. Carbion+ also stacks well with other products such as AminoCore or Isoflex. Our team of taste testers especially loved Blue Bomb Pop Carbion+, but all tasted on point and made you look forward to gulping them!

For more info on all Allmax products, go to allmaxnutition.com.