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GAT Sport Nitra Whey Revealed

GAT Sport

Earlier this week, we previewed GAT Sport’s new whey protein blend Nitra Whey. GAT only gave us clues on what the name was, but we guessed it would be Nitra Whey and it turned out to be correct. So what is Nitra Whey? Nitra Whey is a whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate blend with testosterone-boosting ingredients, joint support compounds, creatine monohydrate and some other nutrients to help build muscle and increase performance. Each serving is 34.7 grams and delivers 25 grams of protein making this a 72% protein by weight. Carbs and fats are both at 1 gram each making this suitable for low-carb diets or those just looking to jack up their protein intake. With 25 servings per container, GAT Sport’s Nitra Whey should last you 4 weeks if you take one serving each day.

Whey Protein Blend With Testosterone Support 

What’s most unique to us about this protein is the testosterone-boosting properties. We haven’t seen many companies do this with a whey protein blend. For testosterone support, Nitra Whey contains Tribulus, D-Aspartic Acid and 150 mg of Calcium Fructoborate (CFB) which is a plant form of boron containing a complex of calcium, and fructose. CFB is found naturally in celery, broccoli, grapes and plums. Early boron research shows a relationship to testosterone production but CFB also has joint support properties. In a clinical study, test subjects taking 110 mg of CFB twice per day experienced improvements in knee discomfort during the first 14 days of treatment. Creatine is also a great addition to a whey protein formula as a proven muscle builder. Fans of GAT Sport can expect to see Nitra Whey at Vitamin Shoppe in February. 

We haven't tried Nitra Whey but if the product is as delicious as the packaging looks, then GAT will definitely have a tasty whey protein on our hands. If you're at the LA Fit Expo this weekend, drop by the GAT Sport booth and ask them for more info on Nitro Whey.