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GAT Nitra Whey?

GAT Sport

Something big is coming from GAT Sport. We’re just days away from when GAT will reveal what’s behind what they’re calling “the largest launch of its kind in GAT Sport history.” This is a bold statement from the Monroe, Connecticut supplement giant. Images shared from GAT so far show a bottle being pulled from a gym bag that appears to be a standard 2 pound shrink-sleeve bottle of protein. The first name of the product clearly reads as “Nitra” which is fitting considering their wildly popular Nitraflex pre-workout and the spinoffs Nitraflex Burn and Nitraflex Pump. It’s fitting they would leverage the strong “Nitra” brand name but the second word is blurred out so we don't know exactly what the new product name is. But when we pay close attention to a teaser video dropped by GAT and freeze at just the right frame, you can see the first letter of that second word to be “W” leading us to believe that this might be called Nitra Whey. This is not 100% sure to be the name but it's our guess. GAT never seems to disappoint us with the ingredients that make up their formulas so there’s no doubt this will not be your typical whey protein. Hydrolyzed whey is trending up these days, could this be a new hydrolyzed whey blend? Could this instead be a protein with nitrates bound to whey protein or nitrates bound to various amino acids? We don't have answers but we’ll be keeping a close eye on this new product release and keep fans updated here at Muscle Insider so keep checking back.