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Believe Supplements New Flavored Isolate Preview

May proved to be a very productive time for the team at Believe Supplements. First came the release of Believe Supplements Pump Addict SF in three flavors. Then it was the launch of Believe Supplements Performance EAA, and after that, they brought us Believe Supplements Transparent Vegan. Well, it looks like they’re not done yet with new product releases. The latest launch announced, is Believe Supplements new Flavored Isolate! This new product features all that you have come to enjoy from their Transparent Isolate protein and the brand’s innovative Flavor Packs, pre-mixed together! Each 30-gram scoop of Believe Supplements Flavored Isolate provides 27 grams of protein, which is 90 percent protein by volume, zero fat, and less than one gram of carbs, for 111-115 total calories. The new Believe Supplements Flavored Isolate comes in three flavors, including Vanilla Ice Cream, Choco Fudge, and Banana Bread. Sold in a 4.4-pound tub, this gives you 66 servings per container.

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