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Allmax A-Cuts Sweet Tea Preview


We’ve just heard about the newest flavour, Allmax A-Cuts Sweet Tea, is now available. This flavour marks the ninth incredible flavour to the A-Cuts line-up, along with others such as Pink Lemonade, Cotton Candy and Pina Colada. This should be right in-line with the same new flavour addition that we previewed with Allmax Aminocore Sweet Tea, which will mean this one really is refreshing and sweet, with a hint of lemon.

Allmax A-Cuts Sweet Tea Details:

This new flavour is made with the same high-quality formula that you have come to know and trust. The 210-gram bottle provides 30 servings per container, with each serving providing a total of 4.2 grams of BCAAs, it’s sugar-free and has only five calories. Each seven-gram scoop delivers 127 mg of natural caffeine, 125 mg of green coffee, and 500 mg of L-carnitine L-tartrate. In addition to this, you will also find two grams of taurine, which is known to aid in the metabolization of fat, as well as 725 mg of A-Cuts BCAAs in a 9:6:5 ratio. This gives you 326 mg of L-leucine, 218 mg of L-valine and 181 mg of L-isoleucine.

But that’s not all. Allmax A-Cuts tif full of many more beneficial aminos. Allmax A-Cuts will also provide you with a nice boost of energy to keep you going when you need it the most, as well as helping to support maintaining muscle mass while you are in a dieting phase.

Of course, Allmax follows the 100% Clean Label Protocol, which means you know what you’re getting, and nothing is hidden behind proprietary blends.

For more info, check the Allmax Nutrition website, Instagram and Facebook pages for updates.