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Allmax Aminocore Sweet Tea - Preview


It was announced on Monday that the newest flavour, Allmax Aminocore Sweet Tea, is now available. This flavour marks the ninth incredible flavour to the Aminocore line-up, along with unflavoured. Allmax has taken a different approach with this flavour, compared to the other fruit-based offerings, but you’ll see that this one is refreshing, sweet and has just a hint of lemon.

Allmax Aminocore Sweet Tea Details:

This new flavour introduces a revamped look, with the same high-quality ingredients you have come to know and trust, but now includes the patent pending SCOOP-LOCK™ system with ERGO-LID™ packaging. Each scoop is 10.5g, which gives you 111 servings per container, for the 1,166g size.

Allmax Aminocore Sweet Tea has the high dosage BCAAs at a specific 9:6:5 ratio, to enhance recovery and support increases in lean muscle. With 3,681mg of L-Leucine, 2,454mg of L-Valine, 2,045mg of L-Isoleucine and highly bio-available B-vitamins, the formula has no fillers, zero non-BCAA aminos and is sugar-free. When you see the Informed-Choice certification, you are guaranteed there will never be any banned substances present.

So many of the non-instantized BCAAs have the issues of clumping, not mixing fully and can even leave a nasty oil-like film on the surface, but with Allmax Aminocore INSTACLEAR soluble BCAA technology, these issues are not present, leaving you with an easy mixing BCAA that tastes amazing.

For more info, check the Allmax Nutrition website, Instagram and Facebook pages for updates.