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Peter McGough Has Died

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Sad news in the bodybuilding industry as we've lost legendary journalist Peter McGough. After an eight-year battle with Cancer, Peter has sadly passed away. He leaves behind his lovely wife Anne but his legendary writing will live on forever. Known as the greatest journalist in bodybuilding history, Peter shaped the bodybuilding publishing industry with his genius writing style while inspiring thousands of bodybuilding fans around the world. Peter spent his early years in the U.K. where he published his own bodybuilding magazine but was later recruited by "The Master Blaster" Joe Weider in 1992 as FLEX Magazine’s Senior Writer. In 1997, he was appointed Editor-in-Chief of FLEX where he remained for many years. He later moved over to Muscular Development magazine working for Steve Blechman where he helped take the magazine quality to a level never seen before. He then went back to Flex where he worked on and off throughout the later part of his career. We will miss Peter and his sense of humour and his mastery of the written voice. Our thoughts are with his family, friends and many fans around the world. Check out this rare interview we did with Peter McGough many years back.

Peter’s wife Anne McGough posted this announcing his passing.

On Wednesday 29th December, 2020 just before 3pm Peter McGough sadly passed away peacefully at home after an 8 year battle with Cancer fighting right to the end . He was my one true love, my soulmate and my best friend I am truly heartbroken. Peter touched so many lives, he was a great storyteller, journalist and friend to all. He made a huge impact on the world. I have asked two of his very close friends to write a more fitting memorium as I am unable to do so at the moment. I cannot tell you how much Peter and I have appreciated from the bottom of our hearts the love and support we have received from family, friends and all of our facebook friends. His imlact on the world will live on in our hearts amd minds. I love you all. Please excuse me for not replying to your comments right now but I promise I will fead them all and reply when I am able.

– Anne Byron-McGough.

Kind Words From The Bodybuilding Industry

Garry Bartlett 

For most of us in the Fitness world we knew the day was coming, but none the less, were praying that a miracle might spare the life of Peter McGough. I guess in a way we did get our wish as Peter did survive seven years following his cancer diagnosis. Still we wanted more from this larger than life character who wielded the written word in a masterful style that always left you wanting more. Not one to solicit unwanted attention or sympathy Peter quietly battled his cancer. Most of us in the fitness world were unaware of his struggles. I first discovered his plight while sitting next to him the day after the Arnold Classic back in 2016. We were attending the Arnold seminar and he quietly confided that he was battling Cancer describing what he had been going through. Keeping my thoughts to myself I feared the worst for my colleague and friend. As the years moved on Peter continued a brave and courageous battle, which most would have given up on. Only his beloved Anne would know first hand the suffering he must have endured! Bonded by their love Peter hung on and fought until the enviable. With the beginning of a new year our hearts are filled with sadness as the loss of Peter hits especially hard. This is evidenced by the many exceptional tributes to him on Social Media. Peter was an exceptional human being who loved Bodybuilding and through his skillful writing style created champions giving them personalities that fans could relate to. He was the last of the great writers where the written word is a vanishing memory. More importantly Peter was decent, honest, modest and unselfish. He genuinely cared for others, which makes his loss especially difficult to accept. I will always be grateful to Peter for his unselfish gesture to me personally many years ago. I was covering the Olympia for Musclemag around 2009. I was hunting for my assigned seat in the press pit but couldn't find it. Inquiring where it was, an official escorted me away from the official Press Pit over in a far corner. I was frustrated as there was no way I could get my photos from this location. It seems that the Weider organization didn't want Musclemag to get the kind of first rate coverage and seen us as a rival and competitor. In pleading my predicament to Peter who was the editor of Flex at the time, he quietly instructed me to sit in his seat. "Garry you are a photographer and need the photos, I am a writer and can sit anywhere!" At great risk to himself, he had no reason to do this for me. Such was the character of this unselfish and generous man. Peter you were special and your many stories so eloquently written are forever forged in our memories. I am sure as I write this you are reminiscing with Joe & Ben Weider and Robert Kennedy about the Golden Days Of Bodybuilding. Anne our thoughts are with you in this very sad and difficult time. Please take comfort that you are not alone in mourning his loss.


Dan Solomon He was an artist. The pages were his canvas, he painted with his words. The greatest storyteller I’ve ever known. Peter McGough left us yesterday, but his legacy lives on thru the lives he touched, the lessons he taught, and his beautiful wife Anne. He was a mentor and a genius, a discovery of Joe Weider, but more importantly, he was my friend….and I’ll miss him so much. 

Phil Heath

It comes with extreme sadness to write this message after hearing the news about Peter McGough’s passing. Peter in my opinion was our sports greatest journalist, historian but most of all, mentor as he embraced so many of us crazy bodybuilders throughout the years providing incredible insight, passion and knowledge. I have so many fond memories of Peter, but my tears just won’t allow these thumbs to type them out. 8 yrs Peter fought cancer and with the love and support of his beautiful wife Anne, gave Peter the ability to still engage with many of his friends and loved ones. This picture is of Peter and I after I won the 50th Mr O and Peter definitely made sure we snapped a photo. Peter, thank you for being there for me always. Thank you for calling my job at Bally Total Fitness to fly me to Santa Monica and get my first appearance in Flex Magazine. Thank you for being at my Pro Debut in Denver as I know how hard that trip was. Thank you for always believing in me, so much that you made my second cover of Flex Magazine “The Future of Bodybuilding” as I was terrified of that pressure, but reassured me that I would achieve greatness! You helped make me the champion but also the Man I am today. May you Rest in Peace knowing that I along with many love you. I love you Peter, I love you Anne and you still have us to lean on whenever you need us. Damn I’m so upset and Lord Knows I’m trying to celebrate you but this one hurts so much. I love you Peter!