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Peter McGough Health Update

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Peter McGough has been touted as one of the greatest bodybuilding journalist of all time, and for good reason. Having worked with over 7 different magazines, Peter has had a 40-year involvement in the sport of bodybuilding, and has spent over 30 years in bodybuilding journalism. This past weekend at the 2016 PBW Championships/ Tampa Pro, he was honored by the IFBB for his involvement in the industry. Past recipients of the Ben Weider Lifetime Achievement Award include Lee Haney, Lee Taylor, and Lee Labrada, among others.

Recently, he's struggled with his health, and has been in and out of hospital, while also being in and out of IFBB Pro events. He's a true soldier and warrior, and we wish the legend nothing but the best in health and happiness.

From Peter's Facebook page:

Many of you good people frequently PM me asking me about my health status. Here’s an update. Anne and I have been dealing with my cancer for 3 ½ years. It has come back three times, the last time being last February in the form of three small tumors. I just had my latest scan and the three tumors are still there and are the same size. No further growth has occurred since February. Which is relatively good news but of course I’m not out of the woods yet. I feel pretty good. It’s been a rocky road at times but Anne has pulled me through and I always recall a line from an old Scottish ballad, “I am hurt but I am not slain. I’ll lay me down and bleed awhile, then I'll rise and fight again.” To the countless millions dealing with cancer and their families and to those who have lost loved ones to this terrible disease I urge you -- I know this is often hard -- to stay strong and never give up. For all you who are 50 and over if you haven’t already had a colonoscopy I urge you to so; and if someone in your family has had colon cancer you should have the procedure at age 40. I left it too late and paid the price. Many, many thanks to all those who have supported us through this journey. In memory of the two cousins, Alice McBride and John Adams we lost to cancer this year.